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Billing and Depreciation Do you know how much a hot shower costs?

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The dilemma during a power surge is always the same: Is it better to get light on electric and gas bills or enjoy a hot shower? Let’s find out together how much a hot shower costs and costs on the bill, as well as how to save money.

Hot water shower jet

it is known that hot shower It is the most anticipated moment of the day. Heated in the morning during the cold months, and everything melted in the evening Stress today. Either way, this gesture is very important to the individual personal cleanliness can be converted into a file Economic drain.

In this period, the prices of water, gas and electricity have gone up and even if they are not, i shower consumption They can contribute to the worst. But like this How much does a hot shower cost?

Well, even though it doesn’t seem like it, A hot shower affects between 10 and 15%. Regarding me Energy consumption from a family. The variants I am the time spent under the shower headThe The capacity in liters of the water heater or boiler tankThe power station and the fruit.

And then, it also affects costs Departure and arrival water temperature. So, with a 26 kWh boiler with an efficiency of 85%, a tank of 12 liters and a starting temperature of 14 and an arrival temperature of 50, the gas consumed is assumed to be 0.49 kWh for one minute. Just compare it with your own gas tariff To find out the cost of a hot shower per minute.

This is from an energy point of view. From the water point of viewAn approximate calculation can be made. Let’s say a file The average cost of water is €1.37 for an average family of 4.

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So, if theoretically 4 people wash for 10 minutes, then the water consumption will be 200 liters and The bill costs about 1.04 euros. That’s why it’s good to have one Water saving shower head And the It takes less than 3 minutes to wash it every day. Instead, and if possible, take a shower every other day.

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