June 4, 2023

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Back in the future, Michael J Fox Breaks the Silence: Amazing Background

One of the most famous epic stories in the world of cinema is certainly the one starring Marty McFly and Doc Brown. In fact, Back to the Future was an era and there is still news about what its production was.

Only a few days ago, in fact, the news circulated about how to do this Michael J Fox He could have died during the filming of the movie. The episode specifically returns to the third episode of the series when Buford Tannen’s band played the role Thomas F. Wilson-Try to hang Marty McFly.

While filming the third Back to the Future movie, actor Michael J. Foxx was in danger of death

Back to the future – fantasynow.it

According to the actor’s words, he fainted after a few minutes and was the only one who noticed Bob Zemeckis. Despite the great fear, Michael jokingly recalls this event by saying how the man, despite being a fan of him, realized how very real this interpretation seemed.

The film, therefore, especially in United Stateit was very popular even Ronald ReaganHe cited the film, a former head of Stars and Stripes, in one of his political speeches. Specifically, he reinterpreted the famous phrase “Where are we going, we don’t need roads.”

Among other things, during the Back to the Future trilogy, there were two actresses who played Jennifer Parker, Marty’s fiancĂ©e and later Marty’s wife. Claudia WellsIn fact, she had to leave her role at the end of the first movie to take care of her cancer-stricken mother.

Among other things, another curiosity regarding the first movie, lies in the fact that the lead actor, Michael J. Fox, only discovered by watching the movie on videotape that the movie will have a sequel. At that point, the guy called his agent to make sure there was room for him in the sequel, too.

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The time machine was supposed to be a refrigerator

Back to the future
Back to the future – Fantasynow.it

Among other things, the time machine was originally supposed to be an atomic-powered refrigerator, not a refrigerator DeLorean. However, the director believed that at home children can imitate the heroes of the film and that is why they accidentally end up in the refrigerator.

Who knows, then, at this time, what would have happened without this gearbox, the car would have enjoyed such great success anyway? We know, in fact, how much movie fans love DeLorean. In fact, the fan base of the latter is so broad that the automaker has introduced a new version of the car to be released next year.