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Offer back to €1 for a three-month subscription –

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Modernization: L ‘Offered at €1 for three months The subscription is active from today on both Xbox and PC, so it matters Xbox Game Pass and PC Game PassPlus, an all-in-one Xbox Game Pass solution climaxcan be used by all those who do not already have an active subscription at this time.

Microsoft’s offer is cyclical and therefore back these days: it is an offer especially loved by the public, because it really allows for massive savings in price Genuine, get 3 months of access to hundreds of games at a very low cost.

The offer is practically a standard for new subscribers, but it should be noted that with the restart of the initiative today, it can also be used by those who are Already subscribed In the past they took advantage of similar promotions, so it’s not just for new subscribers. Moreover, as stated, it also concerns consoles, and therefore also Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, and not just PC Game Pass as previously reported.

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Microsoft has extended a price quote 1 euro for Three months subscription also al computer games arcade. This way, all new Game Pass subscribers, on whatever platform they play, will be able to get the same benefits as the others.

€1 for a three-month subscription also to PC Game Pass

as specified in PC Game Pass official site: “Subscription automatically renews for €9.99 per month, unless canceled via a Microsoft account. Windows 10/11 (version 22H1 or later) and Xbox app required to play PC games.”

So you can sign up and take advantage of the PC Game Pass catalog for three months and then decide whether to continue or not. A similar offer has been active on Xbox Game Pass for a long time now. Many PC users have been waiting for Microsoft to do something similar for them too, and now they are satisfied.

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A PC Game Pass subscription gives you instant access to hundreds of games, including those in the primary EA Play catalog.

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