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White House Report to Congress on Withdrawal from Afghanistan: “The Only Viable Option Because of the Circumstances Trump Left”.

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a Inevitable withdrawal For the conditions that arose due to the management of the file by the previous administration. This is how the content of the 12-page report indicates that the White House submit to Congress An American to explain the reasons for the president’s decision Joe Biden To order the withdrawal of troops fromAfghanistan. withdrawal was done in a way troubled That caused, among the attacks of terrorists from Islamic country And the despondency of the crowds that swarmed in and out of the airport terminals Kabulseveral victims Among Afghan citizens trying to escape from the future underIslamic Emirate affiliate Taliban.

We have read that the decision was made “necessary on the terms left by the previous administration,” led by Donald TrumpThere was no other possible scenario than withdrawal. The document states that when Biden took office, “the Taliban were in the strongest military position since 2001 and controlled nearly half of the country.” This situation was due to the gradual but persistent disengagement Washington From all over the Middle East and Central Asia wanted by Trump when he was still United State Taliban leaders were trying to improve Doha agreementsnot fully realized. From that experience, the White House adds, it was understood that “the priority is early evacuation When faced with a deteriorating security situation pentagonal He then explains how, in the months leading up to the end of the mission in Afghanistan, the administration chose not to circulate the worst-case scenario “loud and public” to avoid signaling a lack of confidence in the Afghan government.

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Added to the difficulties caused by the deterioration of the situation is the fact that some of the information provided to President Biden was “wrong,” the US National Security Council spokesperson explained, John KirbyThe report explains. He added, “Biden asked his national security advisers many questions, and it turned out that some of the answers were wrong.” That being the case, the president “refused to send another generation of Americans to fight a war that should have ended for the United States years earlier.” For this reason, a year and a half after withdrawing from Afghanistan, the decision taken by Biden remains the “right decision” and from which “lessons have already been learned.”

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