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New Julia and Stelvio Cloverleaf Centenary. A legend since 1923. | Alfa Romeo

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  • Alfa Romeo celebrates the 100th anniversary of the iconic Quadrifoglio by presenting the new Giulia and Stelvio Quadrifoglio in a limited edition “Quadrifoglio 100 ° Anniversario” – a limited edition, produced in only 100 exclusive units of each model.
  • The ultimate expression of technical sophistication and technology: the 2.9 V6 engine, boosted to 520 hp Mechanical limited-slip differential for a unique driving experience. Lots of technology thanks to the new projectors Adaptive Full Matrix LED and the new digital instrument cluster with the historic ‘telescope’ design.
  • There are several premium content that make it exclusive: new festive decals designed by the Alfa Romeo Style Center and new gold-coloured brake calipers. The grille and mirror caps are visible carbon. In the interior, new visible gold-colour stitching and a ceremonial badge on the dashboard adorn the sporty, carbon-dominated environment, in a new three-dimensional finish.
  • April 15, 1923 was the exact day that the legendary Quadrifoglio debuted on the “Corsa” version of the RL for driver Ugo Sivocci, leading him to victory in the fourteenth edition of the Targa Florio.
  • Since then, the Quadrifoglio has become emblematic of the Alfa Romeo genes – Nobile Sportività Italiana – and defines the brand’s most performance creations; Not only racetrack participants but also the most powerful and exclusive road cars.
  • On the occasion of the centenary, to unveil the new Quadrifoglios, Alfa Romeo returns to the Targa Florio venues, where the legend began: Sicily is the backdrop for an impressive shooting which, in addition to telling tradition, underscores the Italian “great beauty”.

Alfa Romeo’s tribute to the Quadrifoglio legend: 100 exclusive cars celebrate where the legend began, in Sicily, at the Targa Florio venues.

April 15, 2023 marks 100 years since the lucky Quadrifoglio, the indelible symbol of the Alfa Romeo brand, debuted on the “Corsa” version of the RL during the fourteenth edition of the Targa Florio.
On the occasion of this unforgettable anniversary, the new Alfa Romeo Giulia and Stelvio Quadrifoglio presents, with the exclusive celebratory “Quadrifoglio 100th Anniversary” limited edition of only 100 units, for both the Giulia and Stelvio, the result of a centennial search for technical excellence applied to competition and production cars . Iconography, technical purity and fusion of technology, placing them at the forefront of their segments: best-in-class for to treat and a power-to-weight ratio for a unique, direct and engaging driving experience like a true Alfa Romeo. Lots of new features: festive badges, exclusive features and plenty of technology thanks to new adaptive full-matrix LED headlamps and an all-new digital instrument cluster adorned with the historic “telescope” design.
To celebrate the century of pure sport, the Quadrifoglio returns to its native lands: Sicily, in fact, is the backdrop chosen by Alfa Romeo for the ceremonial photography which, in addition to recounting tradition, underscores the Italian “great beauty” and “Made in Italy”. A journey that, after a hundred years, does not end but reinvents itself, emerging Quadrifoglios in a bright future that winks at the successes of the past.

On the origins of the legend

The legendary Quadrifoglio, symbol of the noble Italian sport, has always defined the brand’s most performing creations; Not only those who participate in racing tracks, but also the most powerful and exclusive road cars. On the occasion of its centenary, it is reintroduced in a celebratory version: with a modern reinterpretation, the Alfa Romeo Style Center projects the historic emblem into the brand’s future, preserving its robustness, elegance and evolving its color point. A contemporary color touch that evokes the glorious cars and iconic sporting triumphs of a brand that has entered the collective imagination.
The Quadrifoglio has accompanied the sporting and industrial history of Alfa Romeo from the very beginning. In fact, it was born on April 15, 1923, on the occasion of the fourteenth edition of one of the oldest motor races in the world, the Targa Florio, a social event that at the beginning of the last century transformed once a year Sicily in one of the most famous European “living rooms”. A stimulating but very demanding race, from a technical point of view, represented one of the most important goals of the time for the driver, who is able to re-launch specific car models and entire brands on the market. That is why, in 1923, Alfa Romeo attached great importance to the Sicilian race, developing a special version of the RL and hiring talented drivers.
It would be Ugo Sivocci, an important driver at the time, who would return the victory, thanks to his skills and a series of lucky events that would make the selection of the four-leaf clover an emblem of sportsmanship on the headgear. Racing cars are more important. With this victory, Alfa Romeo took off to the Olympus of manufacturers, relentlessly associating the Quadrifoglio symbol with the brand’s legendary cars and giving way to a long series of memorable drivers’ successes. From the first world championship for Grand Prix cars in 1925, through the Mille Miglia, the Targa Florio and the “24 Hours of Le Mans”, the brand has dominated the world of motorsport competition ever since. However, the symbol of luck soon began to distinguish even among the most discerning road cars. In fact, the enamelled badge with Quadrifoglio was first applied to a road car with the Giulia Sprint GT Veloce. Thus began a tradition that continues to this day, characterizing the most powerful versions of the range and intended for an audience of connoisseurs who love sporty driving.

Series limited to 100 units with loads of exclusive content. Lots of technology, up to 520 hp more power and maximum technical precision thanks to the self-locking mechanical differential

Giulia and Stelvio’s “Quadrifoglio 100 ° Anniversario” is the result of a century-old quest for technical excellence applied to racing and production cars. The 2.9 V6 engine has been boosted to 520 hp (for Europe, the UK and China) and is combined with a mechanical limited-slip differential, a feature seen for the first time on this special Launch Series. This is an important technical device that, thanks to a specific setup drawn from the Giulia GTA’s design experience, helps to improve the vehicle’s handling and traction, improve torque transmission, increase stability, agility and cornering speed.
driving dynamics Best in class, the result of impressive lightness, due to the use of ultra-light materials such as aluminum for the engine and carbon fiber for the drive shaft, bonnet, spoiler and side skirts. In Giulia, the active aerodynamics remain with the carbon front splitter: when activated, it controls the quality of the airflow that passes under the car, increasing stability and performance. Finally, the Akrapovich exhaust system, which gives the exhaust an unmistakable sound.
A strong personality in the outer areas where Julia and Stelvio constantly renew their gaze with family feeling It features “3 + 3″ projectors, with new Adaptive Full LED Matrix headlights providing an adaptive anti-glare driving beam for optimal illumination in all conditions, ensuring energy savings, a significant improvement in safety and reduced eyestrain. 19″ 5-hole polished sport wheels for Giulia, 21” for Stelvio with remake Exclusive brake calipers in gold. The same precious color distinguishes The logo that celebrates the Quadrifoglio’s centenary, placed on the fenders of both cars. To add more sportiness, for both Giulia and Stelvio, the grille and mirror caps are made of Visible Carbon. Three liveries are available: Rosso Etna, Verde Montreal and Nero Volcano.
The same sporty characteristics are found in the interior environment where an exclusive combination of black leather and Alcantara prevails, embellished by the new and exclusive visible gold stitching and the innovative 3D Real Carbon finishes for the dashboard, center tunnel and dashboard. the doors. Stitching of the festive number “100” adorns the instrument panel along with a quadruple leaf clover, again in the signature gold. The steering wheel is covered in leather and Alcantara with black stitching and carbon fiber inserts.
From exclusive aesthetics to on-board technology and connectivity which, by definition, are at the service of the typical Alfa Romeo driving experience. This is evidenced by the new instrument panel, with its historic “telescope” design, which features a 12.3-inch TFT display – fully digital – from which all information on the vehicle and parameters related to self-driving technologies can be accessed. On the Quadrifoglio, in addition to the three designs available on the entire Alfa Romeo range, Evolved Relax and Heritage, the exclusive “Race” configuration debuts.
The ‘Racing’ design on the center display brings together the essential information every driver wants to control: tachometer, speedometer and gearshift light for manual driving. The layout can be customized by arranging additional information in the side quadrants, including performance-related snapshots.

Turin, 13 April 2023

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