December 10, 2023

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Between kindness and smiling sarcasm –

Between kindness and smiling sarcasm –

Gianni Di Gregorio’s film, released close to the pandemic, is a small pearl. With three indispensable and irreplaceable actors

The few things From life, understand Sadnes And the Every day illusionsCommentary, uncertainty, doubts, pauses and even a few more cups to take down the bill with exorbitant interests Judy: In short, in this movie that probably got away with you, there’s all that internal narrative dimension That cinema that I learned from literature and theater and which today has been transformed forever Adrenaline is useless.far

Gianni Di Gregorio moviereleased near pandemic gentle touch andsarcasm smilesLittle Pearl: It does not occur in other worlds in space, but rather occurs precisely in this world and does not talk about it Super heros But out of three friends who are no longer young, they work in agriculture the dream From live a big lifeand left Rome, heading towards her More beaches accommodateAnd kindness and strangers put Azores.

strong for them friendship And the symbiosisThe three irresistible boys
(A former professor spends his days at the bar and tampons, his friend nothing With a minimum pension helps the gardener’s brother, a discoverer), get ready for final match It is also the redemption of the society in which they feel on the sidelines, like survivors.
But they have to overcome language barriersLearn Portuguese, bureaucracy and psychosomatics. L ‘cute joke From the director discovered with cecoviano mid-August lunchI’m back in this second round of a human comedy Live without microphones or speakers, but dim and with one sensitive sarcasm Which also provides some altruistic flickerHe talks about immigration. Actors, indispensable ah Irreplaceableare the same director Di Gregorio, Giorgio Colangeli and Ennio Fantasticini (who we see for the last time) in a comedy that takes us back without ever raising our voice everyday truth FromFlooded ItalyNot the influencers.
Far Away (2019), by Gianni Di Gregorio, Rai3, 16.30

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