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Football, Faventia and Real Faenza celebrated the wedding

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Thomas Paley
July, from a football point of view, has always been synonymous with a fresh start. The reason is simple and can be found in the structure of the football year closing the doors of last season on June 30th to welcome the next season on the first day of July. Here in Faenza, just over a year after the announcement of the collaboration between Faenza and Virtus Faenza, another upset of the balance has occurred with the merger (and therefore no longer the synergy as in the previous case) between Faventia Calcio and Real Faenza. The first, born in 1998 for futsal, has also developed an 11-player football track over the years, while the second, born in 2017 from the ashes of Dynamo, has always been distinguished in the region, for his youth and amateur football, from eleven players. , which touched, last season, promotion to the first category. “The union with Real Faenza – comments Roberto Castelfidardo, President of Faventia Calcio – is a happy conclusion to a path that has developed naturally in recent years. I am therefore excited because future planning can depend on the coherence of forces and ideas as a result of this union ». The goal, also confirmed by the Real president Faenza, Fabio Cavasi, is a mid-range project that, with an organized and qualified youth sector, can guarantee a viable alternative for those who want to play ball in Faenza.Beside the first 11-man football team, in fact, the commitment to football will continue The lounges for youth (from Faventia) and women’s football, until now the exclusive franchise of Real Faenza.The merger, as announced by the two parties, will make it possible to give life, starting next season, to the project of a new women’s football school, the first in the region.Finally, side by side With ideas and projects, the structures have also been expanded and improved.In all, there will be 4 courts available: one, industrial, located in the former Salesians complex and which “will be completely renovated after the damage caused by the flood”; the other three, in natural lawn and located in Graziola, are Also “dedicated to significant redevelopment work to commence shortly”.

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