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“Out of 2023 one new Fiat per year”

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The new car registered with Françoise – “Accessible in times of crisis. Simple in a difficult phase. Carefree in a moment of depression.” It is a Fiat with a new realization of its central role within the Stellantis galaxy, the one he described Olivier Francois (photo above) In the round table where yesterday, after the introduction of the new Abarth 500e (In the photo below), the Scorpion’s first 100% electric car, interviewed journalists from Lingotto’s International Press. As a brilliant marketing man, for the CEO of Fiat and Abarth brands, creating effective logos is child’s play. In addition to her heart: “There is no smoke without fire,” advises François. Which is reassuring:Since 2023 A new cycle will begin for Fiat, with the release of One new model per year. And when I say new, I mean new.”

The future of the Earth revolves around 500 – Fiat, which remains the leading Stellantis brand in terms of sales volume in the world, will continue to do what it has always done best. “No sports cars, no luxury cars,” François abbreviates, speaking of the possible “Abarth treatment” of other brands of the group, for example Lancia, which has grown up under the Scorpion brand and won everything in the rally, clarifies the field of any suggestions: “It is an aspect Important, because it is part of our historical heritage, but the world Abarth will continue to gravitate toward the Fiat brand, and in particular about 500″. The hypothesis of the birth of a small SUV was also rejected from the very beginning. Of course, just a car that’s all gravel and drives like new Abarth Pulse brazilian (In the photo below) is out of place, on this side of the Atlantic, where a sporty crossover would probably sell, and even quite well. “In itself it would also be an excellent idea – admits François – but how do we sell the Pulse here? There’s a whole series of homologation problems in terms of platform, engine polluting emissions, safety standards. That car was designed for South America. And I don’t think it’s appropriate to make a Tipo Abarth “.

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PANDA 4X4: Only in standby mode – and the Panda 4×4 (In the photo below), disappeared overnight from price lists (over here to know more)? “I don’t know how and why, but the wrong message arrived – explains François -. The question is simple: production has paused because, due to the chip crisis, we are unable to meet demand. We continue to receive new orders and not satisfy our customers, when the queues for those who have already booked them are For seven to eight months, she doesn’t seem honest and responsible to us.So we decided to hit the pause button, but It’s just a backup“.

California dream – At the moment, it is being produced Fiat 500 It is practically evenly distributed between versions with an internal combustion engine and a battery-powered engine. Among the latter, despite the instability that still prevails in the semiconductor supply chain, 45,000 left the gates of Mirafiori in 2021. But 90,000 units can be reached annuallyIf components are available. With these premises, Dreaming of America is almost a must. The battery-powered version of “Cinquino” You will land outside in 2024 (over here to know more). Obviously, given the characteristics of the American market, of which city cars are a small segment, it will not be a mass invasion. “We do not aim for mass production,” explains François. “We go there because we owe it first of all to the many Americans who are very loyal fans of the Fiat brand and the 500. And then because it is a new challenge that allows us, among other things, to experience A different business model than usual.One that we can try to replicate in Europe also in the future.I’m thinking about digital marketing,Al Metaversein general for all the new ways to sell cars in states like California, where people are more open to progression and there are no prejudices of any kind about electric cars.”

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