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WhatsApp has arrived, the new functionality that puts the app in competition with TikTok: one of them will now disappear

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New for WhatsApp conversations –

WhatsApp has announced an amazing new update that will allow you to use a feature like never before on the most widely used instant messaging platform in the world.

The competition between WhatsApp and social networks is becoming increasingly fierce especially considering the huge amount of new features that are about to hit the app in the coming months, through which sending and receiving messages will completely change.

Update to be implemented soon It will add a function that is already very well known By users of Telegram but also by fans of social networks such as Instragram, Facebook, Snapchat and above all Tik Tokthe Chinese social network that was virtually depopulated during the epidemic and from which an infinite number of short videos created by users around the world can be obtained, to enjoy or reflect on.

Until now, communication on WhatsApp was only secured by sending text or voice messagesYou can also share videos, photos, and files, or make voice calls, linked by activating the camera. What is still missing is the ability to create gods 60-second short videos To be sent directly from the app, just as it was already possible, for example, on Telegram for a few years.

According to the latest news, this functionality will be implemented in WhatsApp chats, both direct and groupIt cannot be saved or forwarded in Because it will be encrypted end to end.

60 second videos to compete with TikTok

For starters, TikTok is the social network it replaced musically in 2018 which at first could be shared with friends and with audiences around the world Very short videos, only 15 seconds longwhere the songs of the moment were essentially synchronized by applying filters and matching dance moves to the recording.

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WhatsApp offers short videos – (Source: freepik)

TikTok’s innovative process has been highly appreciated in a short time as well Facebook, Instagram and now WhatsApp They instantaneously transcribe these videos, giving users the ability to record and share small files.

On WhatsApp, the method of sending will be very similar to that on Telegram where this will be possible Select the button to record a videowhich will alternate with voice notes, immediately start recording and saving capabilities Check out the footage And in case delete it from the chat before it becomes public.

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