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Alphonso Davies from refugee camp to score World Cup goal with Canada, Bayern refugee’s story –

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He played for the Vancouver Whitecaps and was bought by Bayern Munich at the age of 17. Alphonso Davies’ story in one picture: His parents left Liberia, born in a refugee camp, then Canada and soccer as a social booster.

From a refugee camp in Ghana, where he was born, in 2000, after his parents fled the war in Liberia, Canada’s first goal In World Cup history (Croatia-Canada in Qatar 2022 World Cup) is not enough to avoid failure, but a more memorable goal. The 22-year-old Canadian is a natural Alphonsa DavisBayern Munich’s prodigy who bought him 5 years ago, A Movie story.

He was 17 when he was captured by the Germans18.5 million euros (14 plus 4.5 bonuses), a Registration No. for Minor in Germany (confirmed by his previous club Vancouver Whitecaps). Davies made his senior Canadian debut at the age of 16, an attacking winger who can play on both the left (natural role) and the right (being left-handed he usually shoots centrally). First year pro Surprised everyone in the Champions League, dominating (albeit without scoring) in a 2-8 draw at Barcelona..

The family applied for resettlement in Canada and finally moved to Windsor, Ontario in 2006., 6 years after the request. The following year he settled in Edmonton, Alberta and began building a new life. When I look back, I remember a refugee camp, no food, no clothes, and now we’re here, Victoria insists. Conclusion: Alphonse now has everything he needs. I am proud of him.

Canada will be participating in the second World Cup since then 1986, in which he overcame three losses (France and Hungary and the Soviet Union) and five shutouts without scoring. Already out of the cup after two defeats.

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