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On Netflix there is a mini-series based on a true story where crime and passion blend in an incredible way.

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The acid, irreverent, crazy, new Netflix mini-series must-watch tells the story of a bank robber looking for fun and more.

Are you a fan of Trainspotting and A Clockwork Orange? Then you definitely need to watch this crime series on Netflixwhich, unlike the two films, is Inspired by a true storythat of The biggest Swedish serial killerwho during his life made many strikes against banks, but was met with success and admiration from women.

Bill Skarsgard and the The handsome thief is cursed who explains Clark OlofsonSweden’s most famous criminal. By comparing the photos of that time and those of the actor, the striking resemblance between the real thief and the thief in the film emerges.

it is clear that Netflix thriller seriesby title Clarkis a glorification of the most unusual aspects of a thief, his ability to know how to treat women.

Furthermore, Clark Olofson is famous for giving prestige to the psychological state of hostages Sveriges Kreditbanken in StockholmWhich was targeted in 1973 by a robber who, after a long siege, ended up “sympathizing” with the hostages who at the end of their imprisonment felt indebted to the thief. Then this condition went down in history with the term “Stockholm Syndrome”.

Distributed by Netflix, Clark’s series features six episodes lasting just under an hour, with hilarious moments, fictional rebuilds, and recurring bursts of fiery passion that the handsome thief used to indulge in.

Sometimes crude scenes, and sometimes parody, especially in the relationship between the criminal and the inspector Tommy Lindstrom explain it Wilhelm Bloomgren.

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In between jailbreaks, up to 17 dates between papers and not just with several women until the Stockholm bank robbery, Clark’s crime series is monitored, leading to attention-grabbing and some smiles.


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In the first episode of Clark We immediately start with a rhythm, the main character immediately highlights his vices and many of his questionable virtues.

A difficult childhood, protected by his mother, a violent and addicted father. First the petty thefts, the correction in prison, then the escape and the many hot love stories.

It will be meeting Maria, another relationship of hers, to characterize Clarke’s political activism, who would become an advocate for inmates’ rights, only to devote himself to international drug trafficking.

Even the famous bank robbery in Stockholm with hostages held for a long time.

A historical reconstruction halfway between lie and truth that makes watching the Netflix miniseries fun, fast, full of twists and with many references to trainspotting And the orange orange In addition to other Crime and Passion movies.

Directed by Clark with jonas kerlundalready known to Netflix fans thanks to Polar, a very prestigious thriller.

They complete the cast of the series Alicia Agnesson, Sandra Ellar, Kolbjorn SkarsgÄrd, Hana Bjorn, Peter Vitanen, Agnes Lindstrom Polmgren, Isabel Grill, Adam Lundgren.

The short series was well received by critics, despite similar experiences in the past, including documentaries, and therefore with greater elements of truth, it provoked the reactions of the Swedish public, due to the legend of Clark Olofsson’s criminal profile.

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