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Bastille Day – Coup of the Century: All the curiosities about the movie with Idris Elba

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Bastille Day - the hit movie of the century

Nice, Marseille, Paris, are just some of the beautiful French cities that have become ideal venues for reviving high-profile thrillers. titles like RoninAnd the TaxiAnd the Transporter or taken They are just some of the most famous feature films shot in France. They were added in 2016, too Bastille Day – the coup of the century (Here is the review), Directed by James Watkins(also horror director The woman in black). It is an explosive tale that exploits the memory of the storming of the Bastille to create a breathtaking series of pursuits, intrigues, and attempts to save the day.

Written by Watkins himself with Andrew BaldwinTherefore, the film proposes narrative dynamics that are certainly simple but enriched by the interpretation of the two protagonists and the particularly fantastic places. In fact, the director decided to shoot not only in the most famous places of Paris, but also in the lesser-known environments and areas of the city, in order to give it an unprecedented look. Watkins then cited films such as Serpico or The violent arm of the law As the main sources of inspiration, it is suggested in fact Bastille Day – the coup of the century This connection to the city is absolutely essential.

The movie has yet to establish itself as a blockbuster title, but it has still gained viewers over the years. For fans of the genre, which offers entertainment between elaborate heists and anti-heroes ready to thwart them, this is the movie to go for. Before we get down to seeing the movie, it would definitely be worth delving into some of the more intriguing things about it. By continuing here reading it will actually be possible to find more details related to plot and al Cast. Finally, the main ones will also be listed broadcast platforms that contain the movie in their catalog.

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Bastille Day hit the horn: the plot of the film

In Paris, in the days leading up to Bastille Day, boulevards Shawn BreyerThe CIA agent on duty in Paris, H.M Michael MasonHe meets the inveterate pickpocket after the latter inadvertently steals a briefcase containing a bomb, which then explodes in a Paris square, killing four. A mysterious criminal organization claimed responsibility for the attack, and vowed more attacks. Thus begins the escalation of violence and riots throughout Paris: in all this climate of tension, Sean and Michael will learn something they should not have discovered.

In fact, the riot that ensues is nothing more than a diversion to allow a corrupt team of French RAID agents to carry out the coup of the century: the Bank of France robbery. While considering whether to cancel the national holiday, Bastille Day or not, the two will find themselves having to team up to prevent the robbery from happening. There is little time available and personality differences between Briar and Mason threaten the success of the operation. However, this is an opportunity for both of them to prove their worth. An opportunity they cannot miss.

Bastille Day - the coup d'état of the cast century

Bastille Day – the coup of the century: the movie crew

For agent Sean Brewer’s interpretation there is an actor Idris ElbaIn order to prepare for his character, he studied cinematic anti-heroes such as movie heroes Inspector Callahan: The Scorpio case is yours! And the The violent arm of the law. To interpret Michael Mason’s pickpocketing there is the actor instead Richard Madden, who got the role after proving that he can be both dangerous and a seducer, are two of the character’s primary qualities. Madden then learned the main tricks of pickpockets in order to be able to look better in his character’s shoes, and then be able to perform them in the movie.

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The two actors then underwent grueling training, in order to be able to perform as many stunts as possible on their own, without resorting to stunt doubles. Furthermore, Elba and Madden had great freedom to improvise, allowing them to build the desired harmony between their two characters. Next to them, the actress finds herself Charlotte Le Bon Like Zoe Neville, an anti-fascist protester. Kelly Riley He plays CIA agent Karen Dacre, Jose Garica He is Victor Gamieux, Director of DGSI e Thierry Godard He plays Raffy Bertrand, the corrupt commander of the RAPID unit of the French National Police.

Bastille Day – the coup of the century: Trailer and where to watch the movie in live broadcast and on TV

You can have fun Bastille Day – the coup of the century Thanks to its presence on some of the most popular streaming platforms on the net today. This is actually available in catalogs Chili Cinema, Google Play, Apple iTunes, and Amazon Prime Videos. To see it, once you have chosen the reference platform, it is enough to rent a single movie or sign up for a general subscription. This way you will be able to watch it in complete comfort and with the best video quality. The movie is also on the TV schedule Monday 28 November in 21:20 on the channel Italy 1.

source: IMDb

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