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Abatantuono: “From June to August I never worked, I chose a family. And I’m lazy: two films a year are enough “

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The captain of the ship, who had always had the atmosphere of a pirate, so far never made him do it. “I was at most a sergeant in the Mediterranean (film Gabriel Salvatores, editor), no more,” Milano reflects. Diego ApatantonoThe 67-year-old voice of Captain Crowe in the animated film Moby-Dick Netflix, Monster of the Seas by Chris Williams, on the podium on Friday. “It’s a pity, because I have a special relationship with ships: my father built miniature sailing ships. My house is bypassed, and I also have one in the refrigerator in the kitchen. He was good enough to be able to open and sell a costume shop ».

What would you do on a ship?

“I would probably be in the kitchen. But on a ship I would happily live there. Since I was a kid, I’ve always liked adventure: slackers, pirates, Maciste movies. The important thing is that there’s a sword somewhere.”

In fact in 1982 Attila was the scourge of God. Can you imagine a series about Attila?

“Not possible. Attila was me. The script only indicated what would happen, but there was not a single line written in the script of the film. I improvised everything ».

What if you were asked to make an engraving in a new edition?

It is a matter of self-esteem. I don’t do everything they ask me to do. At my age I wouldn’t have done Attila in fifty years. Coming up with a good idea is easy, and making a good movie is a different kettle of fish. I prefer to do less but have dignity.”

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What is your white whale, the missing obsession?

“I’m not sure I had one. In life, I always did what I wanted. My goal was to have no regrets. I put the family first, I wanted to be with them. From June to August, for this reason, I never worked. It was not easy » .

So no regrets?

“Maybe one, direction. And theater. I wish I did more. My problem is that I’m too lazy, I make two films a year and that’s enough. Directing takes time. Anything that makes me change my habits exhausts me.”

He was making seven films a year. Who remembers?

“I’ve done a lot of things. In Attila’s time, 14 films in two years. If I had had a shrewd agent, I would have made one and then stayed put for two years: the first film made eight billion lira. But I was young and inexperienced, and my agent is smart: he thought of His career, not mine. Chico Zaloni became not me.”

It’s going to be in the family movie all of a sudden Christmas. Grandfather Abatantuono Italy?

“But it’s normal. I have three grandchildren, one a six-year-old and one four-year-old and a one-year-old. At my age, and my son, I’m a perfect Santa Claus. And then I like to do things for children, they are a wonderful audience.”

How about suddenly Christmas?

“That’s me, a great grandfather. Also among the cast are Nino Frasica and Forest of the Sorcerer. I didn’t know him, a real find. A clever and wonderful man ».

Does working for platforms put cinema in crisis?

“Actually, I’ve been working really hard since I started Covid. After that, I don’t want to be a fortune teller, but I’ve been saying for years that films should be released simultaneously on the platform and in theaters for a fee. But no one takes me seriously.”

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The Colorado Film Company, of which he was one of the founders, was purchased (by Iginio Straffi, editor). What is its effect on it?

“Eh, they bought us Winx. We made our lives. It’s like great love: it’s great at first, then we’re together also by habit. Joking aside, I think it’s important to have new motivations and open up new paths. And make sure the movies come out.”

What are your plans for the future?

“I have received some proposals that I will study. I am having a lazy summer, I am very afraid of this prevailing climatic superficiality ».

what do you mean by that?

I cannot accept that the climate issue is not taken seriously. Did you see how they talk about it in the news? with a smile. As if it wasn’t a tragedy. My dream is to persuade a group of wealthy people to fund gatherings in which the most prepared young people discuss issues such as desalination, irrigation and water shortages.”

Do you do this to your grandchildren?

“Of course. I don’t care. If the world melts, I make myself a bottle of wine and go.”

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