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The page summarizes all completed projects, in progress or rumored only –

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On the ResetEra forum, a page which summarizes all the latest activity of Playstation Studios, among completed projects, currently in development or rumored only. This is great work from SuperBoss users, JuanLatino, and Nagito, and PlayStation Studios fans are sure to check out.

Some time ago, we reported on something like this that was done for Xbox Game Studios. The basic principle is the same, which is to keep track of the activities of the different software houses that are part of the PlayStation brand.

Each developer is then shown, the history is briefly remembered and games in development are reported. It is also good to have a banner with the basic information, which indicates who or who are the heads of the studio, the location of the office, the number of employees that make up it (an approximate number), the year of incorporation, the most important franchises and the number of projects you carry out.

For example, Naughty Dog was reminded that it was founded in 1984, is based in Santa Monica, and that the heads are Evan Wells and Neil Druckman, and appears to be currently working on at least six projects, all of which have been revealed through rumors (unconfirmed), Apart from a remake of The Last of US being developed in collaboration with PlayStation San Diego.

In short, if you want to get a complete picture of what’s coming from PlayStation Studios, visit This page you will not regret.

It is interesting that in the latter part the various achievements of the different studies, with relevant validation links, were also reported. For example, it is said that the trailer for God of War was the most watched on the PlayStation channel or that Horizon Zero Dawn was Guerrilla’s best debut ever.

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Also of note is the inclusion of PlayStation side projects, such as the acquisition of the EVO Fighting Championship and collaborations with outside studios.

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