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Massimo Poldi, that’s how much he earned from Cinnepanetoni: it’s certainly not what you imagine

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Massimo Poldi Soluspitacolo

Famous comedian Massimo Poldi is best known for his filmography. But how much did he earn from his films?

Massimo Poldi He is one of the most famous and popular comedians in our country, with a long career in the world of cinema, although his beginnings were in musicals as a drummer in the 1960s.

In the next decade he tried his hand at cabaret and realized he had a strong comedic vein; He lands in a TV special where he brings into the hilarious personal life of Max Cipollinoan unlikely and troubled news anchor.

However, the real success came in the eighties. After some funny and memorable movies like School of thieves And yuppie Both with a sequel, the lucky art partnership comes with Christian De Sica which leads to a direction cinepanetone.

The list is long, and they are all comedies released during the Christmas period, during which they are generally set.


Translating the predecessors of the cinepanettoni series Massimo Poldi paired Christian De Sica It is a nice Christmas holidaysfrom 1983, which was followed by the years 90, 91, 95 and beyond 2000. Among the protagonists of other sacred beasts of Italian comedy such as Jerry Calla, Andrea Roncato, Nino Frasica And many other things. In the 2000s, cinepanettoni It has become a real phenomenon, despite making double temptations and vulgarity their motto, and punctuate the vulgar intrigues such as the usual north-south division of lifestyle. Like them, the public loves them and is waiting for Christmas to fill the cinemas.

All this until 2006 when the two were incredibly comedians They break up For reasons not fully explained; my boy And de sica They take two different paths, and start acting on their own. Their solo films would never achieve the same success, even if they were often fun and entertaining. Then finally after about 13 years the differences and the movie were settled Friends like before It marks the couple’s long-awaited return to the cinema.

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Massimo Poldi and Cristian De Sica Soluspitacolo

How much did Massimo Poldi earn with Cinepanettone?

Back to the M groupAsimo Boldi and Christian De Sica It certainly delighted the fans of the artistic couple, who, despite being great actors, together managed to best express their potential. He knows her well de sica That during an interview with a friend a Smiles and songs explained: “Something magical happens between us. Business with it is a celebration, and today I still learn sleightiness from Massimo, taking this profession as a game” who repeats it my boy Who confesses: “We’ve been part of many actors’ companies, but it’s not easy to be able to relate to someone so strongly, to find such a deep understanding.”

And when asked about their profit from cinnepanettone, Massimo answered my boy Host moss Wild, podcast Fedez. A true revelation the actor trusts: Are we talking about 40 years ago? 40 years ago, Christian and I were making 500 million movies.” Which although the singer has set the quantity at the current 250 thousand euros, in reality, as many have pointed out, they would in fact be equivalent to the current exchange rate more than one million euros.

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