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Fuel price hike: how much?

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Weekly estimates of the trend of fuel prices, which witnessed a significant increase in the past week, have arrived. Let’s see in the next article how much and why.

L’The last week of January It witnessed a significant increase in prices and types of fuel. In addition to the price development, it has also been a week Gas station strike Which certainly had a negative impact on prices, even if no major sensitive factors were identified.

Fuel: how much more?


Let’s see first The amount of fuel that increased in the last week of January 2023. According to the weekly average of national prices published on the website of the Ministry of Environment and Energy Security, the cost of gasoline in self-service mode is 1.871 euros per liter, up 4.18 cents (+2.29%), while diesel for cars settled at 1.912 euros, an increase of 3.72 cents (+1.98%). .

Gasoline: where is it more expensive?

According to the increase map Nuoro is the city with the highest fuel price in Italy. The average price of petrol on the peninsula is 1,875 euros, while the average price of diesel is 1,915 euros. By weight He set a record for the diesel price, the price of which was 1968 euros.

Fuel: where is it cheaper?

Now let’s see the regions of Italy Where fuel costs less. The most effective provinces, with the lowest prices, are instead Fermo for petrol (1.818) and Ancona (1.870) for diesel.

Government: to proceed with the fuel decree?


It seems that the increases in the past few days have not leftexecutivewhich is seen as ready to meet in mid-February to discuss a possible matter decree for submission to Parliament. This is the decree on price transparency, which must be approved by the end of the current month.

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The deadline was expected (yesterday) for submitting some changes to the text: there are about 85 changes, 18 of which are the majority.

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