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Save a lot of money at the end of the month

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Saving on bills today is essential, which is why you can try these tips and get extra cash at the end of the month.

Counter –

there energy crisis It brings families and businesses to their knees, with bills reaching unimaginable numbers and unaffordable. The outgoing government You put a lot of help and rewards on the table, but it is also important to change your lifestyle and not waste anything.

But that is not all, in fact there is a way to save money thanks to the counter and following some easy and practical tips. Let’s try to see together how to avoid having to pay Too high bills?

Energy crisis what will happen?

that ofEurope is an energy crisis Like no other, it was ignited by the conflict between Ukraine and Russia with the shutdown of gas and raw materials supplies. A process that leads to a tragic situation, because a shortage of supply increases tariffs and price increases are not yet sustainable.

Electricity and gas bills
Electricity and gas bills –

Families, individuals and companies can not Rely on surrender in the future Or on government assistance only, but implement strategies to save energy as much as possible. The call came from savings and it’s It’s time to respondplaying all kind of known possibilities.

The Energy ration It is a plan that is gaining momentum and will certainly be implemented from autumn onwards. But how can you save by scale? Here’s a tip to be implemented right away.

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How do you save on bills using the counter? The “secret” option is known to a few

There are many changes though Nothing has been confirmed yetThe government will require that the heating temperature in the home be lowered no later than 19 degrees Celsius, under pain of very severe penalties.

A man worried about high bills
A man worried about increasing . bills

European institutions recommend getting used to low temperatures, not very hot water and cooking quickly to save as much as possible bills and the like.

The Draghi government His term is out and there are several plans to be completed before September 25, when the keys are left to the new government and the new rules. From today, a mandatory cut of 5% per day is being considered, especially during peak hours – while Brussels is asking for 10% per month.

Companies that distribute energy must specify Higher Consumption Domains and establish distribution methods. The digital meter is a big help because it is technologically advanced: everything is done remotely, as well as the various reductions in the interest bands and poor energy in case of waste.

Energy saving at home
Energy saving at home –

The smart phones Designed specifically to help you save on your bills at the end of the month by reducing energy in the hours that pass From 9 to 12 and from 16 to 18. It is therefore essential to think of these tools as a tangible and ideal aid to allocate funds and ensure that expensive bills do not arrive.

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