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Microsoft was expecting a new Xbox platform to arrive at GDC 2023

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Microsoft during the GDC 2023 that just ended would have suggested the arrival of a new Xbox platform. This is what appears to reveal the picture From the booth of the Redmond house in San Francisco, designed to tell the evolution of the brand with various gaming systems and a nice question mark on the successor to the Xbox Series X.

All things considered, the most realistic possibility is the announcement of Project Keystone, the mysterious object that showed up in Phil Spencer’s office some time ago: The decoder is only for broadcastingsold with the Xbox Controller Bundle.

Microsoft teases new Xbox hardware at GDC
by u / chess in the games

In light of Microsoft’s recent agreements to bring Call of Duty to multiple streaming platforms, showing Project Keystone would make sense and end up emphasizing the huge importance the company wants to hold for cloud gaming.

After that, it remains to be seen if this preparation of GDC 2023 really hides some kind of reveal and above all whether this will translate into real launches of new hardware in the coming months, possibly coinciding with the debut of Starfield.

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