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Temperatures recorded in Vancouver, Canada and 50 in the west

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Vancouver – Record heat wave in western Canada. Unprecedented temperature in history: In Lytton, British Columbia, the temperature rose to 49.6 degrees Celsius from 16.20. This was reported by the Meteorological Service, while the Canadian Association for Climate Change commented on Twitter that “daily and all-time temperature records have been broken for the third day in a row.” The recorded temperature is 121 degrees Bahrainite.

Extreme temperatures caused a ripple effect across the province’s emergency response system, leading to major relief efforts, filling emergency departments and extending ambulance waiting times. The same heat wave struck Alberta and the northwestern United States with record temperatures.

The Canadian media reports that at least 200 people have died, especially among the elderly. The thermometer stays above 30 degrees for several days, on average that area does not exceed 21 at this time. It also recorded 42 degrees at the Whistler Sky Resort north of Vancouver. Between Friday and Monday, the BC Coroners service received 233 deaths, most of which were due to heat.

Mike Calanch of the Burnaby Royal Canadian Mounted Police said the unit responded to 25 sudden death calls in the 24 hours beginning Monday. By Wednesday, a record heat wave is expected in parts of British Columbia, the Yukon and parts of the Northwest. “Vancouver has never experienced such heat, and unfortunately dozens of people are dying,” said Sergeant Steve Addison.

The United States was also affected by the exceptional heat wave. On Monday, temperatures reached 46.1 ° C in Portland, Oregon, on the northwest Pacific coast, and 42.2 C in Seattle, Washington, the highest since records began in the 1940s, the National Weather Service said. A dozen deaths could be linked to a heat wave in Washington and Oregon. The heat is so intense that it melts the cables and leads to the closure of the Portland tram service.

An electrical company based in Spokane, Washington, has sought continuous resistors to meet the enormous energy demand for air conditioners. A Seattle resident told the news agency Afp The city looked like a desert. Amazon allowed outsiders into its Seattle office.

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