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As a hockey champion, he studied at Stanford University in the off-season. Today he leads a fintech company in London

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Either one or the other. How often are sports and study portrayed as two irreconcilable paths? Indeed, there are plenty of stories about talents who, having achieved great professional goals, from synchronized swimming to athletics, throw themselves into an entrepreneurial venture to which they are equally dedicated. “For me, there has always been the concept of combining study with sports. I remember at school I was really good at math. I’ve played ice hockey since I was 5 and I remember in middle school balancing homework with 4 workouts a week.” Tommaso Migliori, 34, is the new guest of our column, Italians from Another World. With a family of athletes — his dad In the Olympics in his discipline, in football he found it at high levels – he never posed the problem: he had to do both well. And he succeeded. Drive today MDOT extensionA London-based startup that is leveraging artificial intelligence to help banks, asset management and insurance companies find the best investment solutions. Good with numbers, then founded a fintech company: seems like a foregone conclusion. The Path actually teaches that each person follows their own path.

Tommaso Migliori, CEO, MDO TM

Tommaso Migliori was never worried about finishing his studies and breaking records. After all, between the ages of 18 and 28 he played professional hockey, and was forced to devote a significant part of his days to training and matches. Only during foreign trips, the long trips he could still remember, did his mind run to her after. “I’ve always wanted to do my own thing.” Meanwhile, he continued his studies in economics at the Catholic University of Milan, which, thanks to his master’s degree, gave him the opportunity to get a 4-month experience at Stanford University in Silicon Valley. We are talking about a university that, perhaps more than any other in the world, encourages students to experiment and launch startups.

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Do you think those four months pushed him to a new life? Like, quit sports and jump on a project? waterfall. Upon his return to Italy, Tommaso Migliori continued to play, but given that period, something must have happened. “The nice thing is to breathe a different air: you go to Stanford convinced that you will simply find very good people. In fact, you meet people who have a less oriented approach to life on predetermined paths.” Four months of living there prepared him academically. But even in California, he didn’t give up what was his priority at the time. “I attended Stanford in the off-season. There I continued to coach hockey: I even broke two teeth while playing.”

So when compared with after-The decision on what to do in the post career? “I gained confidence at Stanford. But after graduation, I continued to play.” The turning point is revealed by confronting reality. “It was 2018 and we didn’t qualify for the Olympics. I wondered how long it was worth waiting for a new opportunity like this. I should have waited until I was 34.” Meanwhile, Tommaso Migliori taught himself to write code. Born as an idea to be developed in 2015, MDOTM is the startup to which he has dedicated all his passion, having completed the long journey of professionalism. “Sport She is everything Up and downGreat Emotions and Life Lessons. Baggage that has served me in the world of work.”

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It wasn’t easy at first, it happened to everyone. In London our roads are everywhere. The idea was to build an investment decision support technology. Today we can define it as a kind of ChatGPT in the financial technology sector.” Available only for B2B, it is a platform that, as Migliore explains, “is used to build a portfolio thanks to artificial intelligence that works deeply on data.” MDO TM was accelerated by Google, an experience that allowed him to return to the Silicon Valley he hosted when the picture of the future was still unclear. “I was there as a student and was promised a business model. We’ve called a lot of things into question.”

Tommaso Migliore (CEO and Co-Founder of MDOTM) and Federico Mazzorin (Chief Scientist and Co-Founder of MDOTM)

In total, the fintech company – which has a team of 60 people – has raised more than 8 million euros. Post-Brexit, the startup ecosystem in London, as well as the economy in general, suffered a negative impact and correction. “London is definitely not the same anymore, and that is also because of smart work. But the decision makers are here. Just as here you will find the best financing opportunities and door For Asia and America.” However, for MDOTM, the future is oriented towards foreign countries, as employees in Switzerland, the United States and Italy are preparing for major revolutions that will affect the financial technology sector. “We are only at the beginning of the curve. ChatGPT is a non-linear technology. Something similar is about to hit the investment world as well.”

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