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Scenes of the agricultural section of Cardarelli at the Science and Research Festival in Viterbo

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School – Tarquinia – Among those in attendance was TV and radio presenter, artist and musician Alex Braga

Tarquinia – Vincenzo Cardarelli Institute

Tarquinia We receive and publish – On September 27, the fifth chapters of the Department of Agriculture at the Cardarelli Institute of Tarquinia participated in the 2022 Science and Research Festival in Viterbo.

The meeting was marked by the presence of Alex Braga, TV and radio presenter, artist and musician, who was the protagonist of an event dedicated to existential sustainability.

A lover of experimentation in every field of his activity, he has made the meeting between music and technology at the service of the fight against climate change.

For his performance of Viterbo Alex Braga wanted to raise the experimental level by using an olive tree placed on the stage as a source of sound.

With a technique capable of detecting the electrical flows flowing within it, and accompanied by his friend saxophonist Alberto Salini, he detailed the sound flows, never to be repeated, produced by the olive tree.

The result was an evocative display of sounds produced in synergy between humans, plants, and technology, capable of dazzling and thrilling.

The students were particularly interested in the project that Alex is carrying out on his farm in Tuscia Viterbese dedicated to the experimentation and development of new techniques and technologies for agriculture, the development and preservation of ecological, natural, geological and forest heritage and for the application of the influences of music in these areas and their applications in social agriculture.

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IIS Vincenzo Cardarelli Tarquinia

October 3, 2022

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