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Race-6 from Bienne, goes to the “beautiful” RSI Swiss Radio & Television

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Bill and Geneva will play it all in one night on Thursday at Patinoires de Vernets. Indeed, the Bernese team did not fail in front of their home fans, and by defeating Servette to come back 4-2 in game six, they brought the final back into a tie. And in order to confer the title of Swiss champion 2022-23, “the beautiful” will be needed, a worthy finale to this difficult final.

At the Tissot Arena in the first 20 minutes we saw in practice only Cadieux’s formation, who scored at 12’57 “with Omark and was unlucky shortly after entering the auction with a shot from Miranda. Rajala equalized in the 23rd minute however, ’16’ unblocked the side host, who is starting to appear more frequently in the Meyer area. Meyer who was at 32’13” was speared a second time by Hischier, who shot him superbly by Délemont. In the third period, the game opened surprisingly, rather than closed, so that chances on one side did not diminish and on the other Captain Haas seemed to have closed Bienne (who lost Brunner to injury) scores at 54’06, but in the 67th minute Tomerense Servette puts him back within 1 by finding the top corner to the right of Satre. The empty net was crucial then and now…all in one night One, Thursday in Geneva!

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