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“Dozens dead” and a state of emergency. Request for Russian military intervention –

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The protest was launched in particular due to the high price of hydrocarbons: among the reasons is also the huge amount of energy that bitcoins require. Almaty airport, the economic capital of the country, has been closed

“Wake up Kazakhstan!” svigliati Kazakhstan.

In the coldest capitals of the world, where the waters of Ishim froze from October to May, in one of the most frozen post-Soviet regimes, where the old communist leaders still ruled for thirty years, Almaty Declaration and Astana Declaration Police tanks and electricity buildings burn at night.

Oyan Kazakhstan: This time Kazakhstan really woke up. And The great fire of the revolution, the first since independence in 1991, lit up on January 2 in the remote oil towns of Mangystau, it doesn’t take much to set everything on fire.

over there At least “dozens” of protesters were killed According to news agencies, e Eight security officersAccording to government sources. Hundreds of wounded and thousands of arrests, Looting the villas of the oligarch, flames in city halls and at the presidential residence.

Meanwhile, the Russians arrive: on the night of the riots, with the dawning announcement on January 6, the president decided that “thousands of Russian soldiers” would arrive in the region to help “stabilize the situation,” having done so himself. He sought help from the Collective Security Treaty Organization, a military alliance of the countries of the former Soviet Union.

“I’m not leaving!” Jabbar 24 is repeated on TV Rafter chair Kasim-Jomart Tokayev, 68 years old as ambassador to the USSR, a Russian speaking person to 70% of Muslims speaking Turkish.

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announce Two weeks of emergency, the purge of the Prime Minister and of course the reforms: “The answer will be difficult – it promises, it refers to repression of the Belarusian type -. This situation is all wrong. Excitement of foreign powers! ».

The reason for anger is above all: New Year’s Eve edit LPG pump prices And they were allowed to multiply everywhere. in a country Nine times the size of Italy Where everything travels by land. In an economy that is among the top ten crude oil exporters in the world and has always been slow in fuel.

Tokayev immediately retreated, lowering tariffs, but soon understood that in the gas revolution there is a lot of combustion. “Drive the old man out!”shouting in the arena.

Because the target of popular outrage is not only the wells of black gold, but the deeper sink of power: il vecchio Nursultan Nazarbayev, 81 years old, “Elbasi”, dear leader of the nation, longest-lived among the old Soviet instruments,Former Communist Secretary who for 29 years was the absolute master of Kazakhstan and is still there, having put his agent Tokayev in power. They have already posted pictures of a statue of Nazarbayev being pulled in Taldykorgan, ropes and Saddam-style applause, among the people singing the national anthem.

Nur Sultan Al-Khalid was dismissed from the National Security Council. There are rumors of an attempted assault on the house of Dariga Nazarbayeva, the powerful daughter, who was appointed by her father as the head of the Senate, which he completely controls. But the system has Disabled internet and cell phones And there is already a lot more if some news breaks the silence, in the kingdom of Nazarbayev: even Astana, the glittering capital Norman Foster skyscrapers, a few years ago its name was changed to Nur-Sultan in blind obedience to the dear leader. The shock was not expected: among all the “stans” of Central Asia, he rules on an equal footing The Iron Fist of Soviet VeteransKazakhstan is the country where the ethnic groups live better and amazing economic growth has been ensured.

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The 2014 oil crisis and the 90% drop in exports to China, due to Covid, for the first time in twenty years led to The country is in recession.

The Kazakh crisis, according to diplomatic sources, is also the first crisis caused by Bitcoin: Only around 2021 90 thousand cryptocurrency companies They moved here from China, tempted by low energy cost. But by doing so, they explain, the cost Huge amount of electricity needed by algorithms To protect bitcoins. There are a lot of interests revolving around this giant of Central Asia. It is the ninth largest country in the world, lies on huge deposits of uranium, has larger crops than Russia and Ukraine, and flirts with both Putin and Erdogan. “We will not recognize the interference,” the Kremlin said: Tokayev called for Russian military intervention and the army will arrive in a few hours. The alarm went off, someone is ready to turn it off.

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