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Football: Genoa, Shevchenko, injuries are chasing us – football

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(ANSA) – Genoa, Dec. 4 – in Turin against Juventus, with eight absentees. For Andriy Shevchenko, a miserable week ends with the complacency of the defeat to AC Milan that left Rovilla and Storaro stunted as a pony.

“Before coming here, I had seen the schedule and knew the difficulties, but I didn’t expect so many injuries that are punishing us so much at the moment.” The list of unavailable players is actually quite long and includes in addition to the last two also Krichito, Maksimovic, Faris, Kalon, Destro and Kaiseido.

Tomorrow’s match against Juventus looks expensive.

“Juventus is always Juventus. A great team with important players and many champions. It is a team that quickly forgets defeats by having a team of important players and in fact recovers immediately.”

At this point, turnover is mandatory, especially in the midfield with Galdames, Beharmi and Melegoni who will play in Rovella and Sturaro positions. In attack, the choice is still limited to three players, Ekuban, Bianchi and Pandev to two jerseys, while Buksa’s choice looks remote. (Dealing).

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