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Another part of the gameplay in YouTube video leaks –

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mockery Continue to show itself in different parts of Play with a new one video Arrived in the past few hours live on YouTube, posted by the cycu1 account that also reported some previous accounts, stating if the game only appears to be in development.

To tell the truth, even then, the gameplay is rather ambiguous, in its strange alternation of moments related to the more classic first-person shooter and other, more designed stages. conspiracycomplete with puzzles or alternative elements to interact, in a certain kind of immersive sim.

In keeping with his outlook horror Recalling the typical style of famed illustrator HR Geiger, Skorn presents moments in which the protagonist finds himself interacting with a strange mechanism halfway between organic and technological elements, with decidedly disturbing effect.

However, many aspects of the game remain very mysterious, so we are waiting for a more clear presentation to understand more of this strange game. This presentation could also take place during the Xbox & Bethesda Showcase on June 12, considering how Scorn expects October 2022 On PC and Xbox and it looks like it won’t be delayed, according to the developers.

A few weeks ago we saw another 8 minutes of gameplay always posted live on YouTube without much explanation about it, in what appears to be the typical pattern of the Ebb Software team, at this point.

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