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Maserati accused of ‘plagiarism’ from the web | The photo quickly spread and the comparison led to a ‘discussion’

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The Maserati Grecale is one of the most awaited cars of the past period, which is why there is no shortage of discussions about it.

Maserati is keeping us all in anticipation thanks to its latest project, the Maserati Grecal. A car that has not yet been introduced and is already as expected in Italy as in every corner of the world, where potential and enthusiastic customers can’t wait to get involved.

Grecale, all the flour from the “Maserati bag”? (web source)

And talking about this wonderful and highly anticipated car. After the first pictures you shoot – apparently – as they really are, some controversies arise from the web to get a file The supposed similarity of the new Maserati to the Ford Puma crossover.

Apparently, the two cars are similar to each other and not a little in the details regarding the aesthetics of the car. Could it be true? Let’s try to understand each other more, through a photo that depicts both cars in a really interesting way.

Did the Maserati Grecale “copy”? The offending image

Maserati Grecali and Ford Puma. Two completely different cars. Or maybe not. The main similarities between the two cars relate in particular to the shape of the headlights and the position of the front grille.

And in fact, the two models really seem to overlap. Even if the note is necessary: Who made the Grecale project a reality inspired by the Maserati Levante and Maserati MC20at least as far as the “defendants” details.

In fact, this model has been identified on several occasions as a kind of “Little Levant”, precisely because of the similarity with its predecessor. In the rear, for example, the similarities with the Maserati Levante are not obvious.

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However, these discussions do not worry Grecale in the least, which will be the new entry of Stellantis in terms of luxury brands. And it will have the delicate task of increasing brand registrations in an important way.

Maarati Grekali (web source)
Maerati Grecale and comparison to Ford Puma (web source)

The SUV will be presented on March 22 in Modena, the Italian car company confirmed in recent weeks. Who knows if our predictions in the next few days will be accompanied by new images, with the debut getting closer and closer.

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After all, it has already happened with the Alfa Romeo Tonale. While waiting for these significant innovations, it is nonetheless interesting to note how many of the interesting technical details behind this car’s debut are consumed.

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