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3 New Year’s Eve movies on Netflix that will make us laugh, move and reflect on the screen.

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How do you spend a fun evening at home waiting for midnight? In front of a good movie of course! Here are the three must-watch movies on Netflix on New Year’s Eve that will have us laughing, moving, and reflecting on the screen.

How do you spend New Year’s Eve at home

Again this year, New Year’s Eve will be marked by caution. Neither gatherings and parties on the square, nor dancing in the disco. Many will then spend that evening at home, surrounded by their closest feelings.

But a quiet party doesn’t have to be boring! First of all, you can enjoy cooking in the company: perhaps preparing one of These three original recipes with puff pastry, which turn coccino and lentils into a refined and delicious dish for New Year’s Eve. or DIY a place card that turns into a cute midnight surprise.

But, after dinner, how does the time pass before the fateful countdown? A great idea is to watch a good movie with friends. There are three titles available on Netflix that are sure to entertain everyone.

3 New Year’s Eve movies on Netflix that will make us laugh, move and reflect on the screen.

The first movie not to be missed is not a holiday classic, but a modern proposal. This satirical comedy was actually released a few days ago on Netflix and a few weeks ago in cinemas. So there is no danger that most of the guests have already seen the movie.

This is not looking, by the director Adam McKay. The plot follows the events of two astronomers trying to warn humanity: a massive comet is on a collision course with Earth and threatens to destroy the planet. But the news was met with a lack of public interest.

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The premise is dramatic and the movie is moving at times, but it’s not heavy. In fact, when you look at him, you laugh. Above all, it is reflected: not only on the effects of climate change, but also on how humanity will respond to Covid 19.

In short, the film is suitable for wrapping up last year and waiting for the new one. Some have found the Don’t Look Up program too long, but the twenty-two hours are perfect for passing the time before midnight.

Stars: Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lawrence, Meryl Streep and Jonah Hill decorate the cake.

However, not everyone wants to think of a festive evening. For a more cheerful atmosphere, there is nothing better than a romantic comedy. On Netflix, there are two genres that are perfect for the occasion.

A little romance while waiting for the new year

The first romantic comedy not to be missed on New Year’s Eve is “Holidate,” a movie released in 2020. The story is told during the holidays: two strangers, played by Emma Roberts and Luke Prause, are tired of spending solo vacations. So they decide to spend the holidays as platonic “friends”, making fun of their relatives. But feelings are just around the corner…

In short, a perfect movie for those who are tired of their uncles who ask every birthday: “Don’t you have a girlfriend? When will you get married?”

The third and final suggestion is now a New Year’s Eve classic. Almost everyone has already seen it, but we always look at it with pleasure: we are talking about Bridget Jones’s diary. The initial monologue about New Year’s Goodwill is now a cult scene. Let’s start 2022 with a little healthy lighting.

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