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Arceus could be the longest and biggest game in the series –

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Pokemon Legends: Arceus He prepares to strike with remarkable effect, presenting himself perhaps as a Longer and wider game Which the series has ever seen, regarding all video game interpretations of Pokemon.

The information comes from Riddler khoAn insider is quite reliable with the information about Pokémon, which appears to have been able to access details about the new chapter in development and access on January 28, 2022 on the Nintendo Switch.

The idea of ​​this chapter is to move Pokémon in a context closer toOpen world RPG Modern, which should significantly open up the spaces available to players.

This, according to Khoo, will lead to a longer and more enduring campaign than in the past, with players on a mission to find and capture Arceus, but also expand the Hisui Pokédex. Everything is inserted into a broader context, with elements that modify classic gameplay by introducing RPGs and almost Survival.

According to the leaks reported by the user in question, during the journey it will be necessary to collect and manage various resources such as berries, minerals and various things that can be obtained by exploring the place and fighting, with the possibility of using them for the editing Build Poké Balls.

So we will have to manage inventory and expand the possibilities of carrying things. Moreover, among the leaked news there is a possibility that shiny pokemon They can be found around the place. So the Pokémon Arceus world can have different types of Shiny Pokémon to capture, resulting in the need for different methods to hunt these special creatures.

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For the rest, we saw that in the game there should be free rewards for those who own Pokémon Let’s Go and Sword / Shield, while we saw from the trailer the forms of Hisui of Zorua and Zoroark.

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