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A role in one of my films? I don’t remember ever suggesting it to him.”

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They should have worked together. Or maybe not. After the surprising revelation Orita Bertiwho told Gf Vip that he had received an offer from Zero copper tinting In order to star in one of her films comes Denial, with the benefit of the skepticism, the director who frankly admits that he doesn’t remember having suggested a part to her.

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Tinto Brass denies Orita Berti: ‘I don’t remember ever being suggested a role for one of my films’

“I don’t remember suggesting Orita Berti a role in one of my films. She is a professional and I have no doubts that what she says is true – Tinto Brass tells AdnKronos, she responds to the singer’s words -. I very much enjoyed the story he told ».

In the course of an episode of Big Brother Vip, the singer explained that once it was her mother who answered Brass’s phone calls, telling her “There’s someone making all those dirty movies.” “From Orita Berti’s words I think I could have asked her to play a military role – he continues -. I also tried to get Patti Bravo in one of my films but to no avail. A few days ago my wife Katrina found in the archive a sketch of a costume made for Loredana Bertè, but I can’t think of what movie it was for… In my career, I’ve done a lot of auditions and I also remember one of Adriano Pappalardo’s ».

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Barbara Bouchet also said no to Tinto Brass

Orietta Berti wasn’t the only one who revealed a background on Tinto Brass. according to Barbara BouchetThe director also asked the former dancer to play a role in the famous “The Key”, one of the most famous films of the Venetian director.

“I don’t remember being offered a role in this film – confirms Brass -. She worked hundreds of actors and suggested this role to several actresses before her, but all of them refused. ” It seems that the hero part also thought about introducing it to Sophia Loren, but her husband Carlo Ponti did not take it well: He said to me, “What are you in your brain, O sperm?”

Stefania Sandrelli was the only one who accepted the role of protagonist Teresa “because she understood the character and she understood the film,” Brass highlights. “When I invited her to see the final movie I remember Stefania ran away without saying a word before the show ended. I was shocked by what was going on on the screen. Lee never gave an explanation for his escape, but he always defended his role and the movie with the sword-edge, saying in an interview that he showed “he can act even with his ass”.

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