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Sony PlayStation sued for ‘stealing’ nine million consumers –

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Sony PlayStation I was File a lawsuit in court A huge amount of 5 billion pounds on charges of “to steal“Nine million consumers. This is a class action lawsuit against the company, launched by Alex Neal, who deals specifically with consumer rights.

According to the lawsuit, Sony is violating competition rules by abusing its market power to impose unfair terms on game developers and publishers, resulting in the emergence of the prices to consumers.

Alex Neil photo taken from his Twitter profile

The wording of the lawsuit explicitly stated that Sony was “stealing people” by adding a 30% commission on digital games and in-game purchases on the PlayStation Store. Over the past six years, consumers have seen a total price increase of around £5 billion on their purchases.

According to the lawsuit filed by the UK Competition Court of Appeal, anyone who has purchased digital games or add-ons on their console from the PlayStation Store since August 19, 2016 is entitled to compensation. The estimated damage The value of each individual in the class action ranged between 67 and 562 pounds, excluding interest.

Alex Neal He mentioned the reason:It’s time to play on Sony PlayStation. With this lawsuit, I want to defend the millions of people in the UK who have had to pay a higher price. We believe Sony abused its position and stole its customers.

Video games are currently the UK’s largest entertainment industry, ahead of television, film and music. Many vulnerable people rely on video games to build communities and connect with others. Millions of people who can’t afford to buy Sony stock are paying, especially now that we’re facing a huge cost-of-living crunch and consumer pockets are being squeezed like never before.

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Alex Neal herself has benefited from the legal advice of Milberg London LLP. According to Natasha Berman, partner in charge of the case, Sony has developed an anti-competitive strategy that has raised prices for consumers, disproportionately for the service provided.

It must be said that the 30% commission requested by Sony is practically an industry standard and the same as also requested by Microsoft in its store, Steam (up to 10 million dollars in revenue), the App Store and Google Play.

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