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Anticipation rises for the finals that will decide the title

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We’ve come to the end. There are still a few games left, but no one knows exactly how many. Varese and Caldaro will competeStarting tomorrow evening at 18.30 Winning the International Humanitarian Law title 2022-2023 in a best-of-seven match.

Mastiffs benefit from playing the first game in the house. History repeats itself between two teams that gave birth to a An exciting duel for the entire season Also rotate as leader of the ranking. Certainly the first part of the championship saw the Luccis champions decisively, while in the second stage the gialloneri lost heavy points, taking first place.

The Italian Cup final in January (always Varese – Caldaro) It seems very far away and should be forgotten because tomorrow night’s game will already have different catalysts And above all, it will not be a one-off race. This is why it is important to think of a longer period during which the dynamics can change drastically in a matter of days. We had examples in the semifinals, where Varese and Caldaro “fenced” a match and thus reopened the series against Bergin and Appiano, and then closed it with a “big whoop” two days later.

Attention to detail, little things, details, will be a major factor which is why a Mastiff needs to be checked as often as possible And disciplined at the same time. Granting men to the opponent when he benefits himself from the Vertalla brothers, the Finnazer and the Wilderes is certainly not a good thing.

Varese knows his stuff: He knows he can count on productive team play, on the sacrifices of all the players, on the emotional and competitive contribution of even those who have fewer minutes in their legs, on the experience of some elements and on the tactical ideas that they have so far brought victories and fun.

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Coach Davies’ boys would play Game 1 in front of a crowd on special occasions, in a full rink where tickets sold out in less than a day. The live coverage of the match will be entrusted to the Radio Village Network as part of the program dedicated to the IHL Championship.

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