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There is still room for a common solution

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L ‘Election of the thirteenth President of the Republic It takes place at an exceptional moment in the life of the country, still characterized by a state of health emergency. a unprecedented circumstance It is also determined by the fact that Parliament is quite close to the natural deadline.

Long Institutional Mass to Vote for Colle Prescriptions for the anti-Covid virus must be dealt with. The bleachers are necessarily half empty, and classroom windows open onto the courtyard so that voting can be conducted safely a driving in In the Montecitorio car parkto allow pros to express their preferences as well.

only twicefor Cossiga and Ciampi, Quirinale match solved by first vote. Two political masterpieces. There is still room for a common solution. From the fourth vote, in fact, it suffices to achieve an absolute majority of the so-called great electors.

Articles of the Constitution assigned to the head of state are equivalent to The main character of the unit Based on Coordination of higher organs of the legal system. It stems from the constitutional rules dynamic characterable to highlight the Elasticity quirinal forces. A framework of rules that maintains wide margins of flexibility to respond to political and social realities.

During the seventy-five years of republican history, the powers of the head of state have been modified according to particular institutional moments. Sometimes by highlighting the tasks of guarantee, other times the tasks of motivation and impulse. This malleability constitutes, in particular, a resource for the institution of the Presidency of the Republic: Warranty Structure and Management Structure together. For the title of an article written by Sirio Galeotti in 1984.

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the President of the Republic It does not fall under any of the three traditional authorities and is placed in the system as impartial force. At the same time, it is an outsider to the function of the government and detached from any urgent political orientation. To carry out the purposes of the founding fathers, It should represent the whole and not just a part. It is the guarantor of constitutional regulation that operates with a certain margin of discretion, despite its adherence to the principles enshrined in the Constitution.

Show President Mattarella’s mandate how Citizens place their trust in political institutions That show closeness to people’s real needs.

the Fourth ballot Blank ballot papers can be converted into consent of a common and authorized person. The constitutional form of the head of state appears to be able to correspond to the person of the current prime minister. The most internationally recognized Italian personality. CEI urges Parliament in joint session to hear the “desire for unity” expressed by the country.

NileTransportation from Palazzo Chigi to the top of a hillthe dragon, before the oath, He will have to resign in the hands of President Mattarella. In fact, the position of the President of the Republic is not compatible with any other position. There is no precedent, why The election of a Prime Minister to office as Head of State has not been verified. For the next step, the solution can be found in Law No. 400 for the year 1988 which was established that in the absence or disability of the Prime Minister, the substitute belongs to the Deputy Chairman of the Council. In the event that a deputy is not appointed to the oldest minister according to age.

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At this point, the alternate prime minister would have to go to the newly elected President of the Republic, to resign his term, as an act of institutional courtesy. Resignations which, in turn, must be rejected by Quirinale’s new tenant. But at this point we will already be an announcement A new chapter in this reckless legislature. Not yet written.

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