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Indiana Jones and the Quarter of Destiny is a very sad movie Cinema

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I was thinking of trying everything by sight Indiana Jones and the Quarter Destiny Except sadness. Instead, it was emotion that united both the most successful sequences and the completely incorrect sequences. I could have predicted that though. “It’s the nostalgia economy, baby“.

The concept is simple: you take a much-loved character and bring him back to the stage, ignoring the fact that his years in the joints are too many to allow for further adventures. Dialogues are written to joke about that particular topic. Once you give the wink, you can travel back in time, rejuvenate the characters, and try to recreate that magic that made the saga a staple point in popular culture. Make an unexpected appearance, and give life to a character you feared you had given up on. So why the end result of A quarter of the pot He’s so cute that he doesn’t make you want to get angry, like he did Kingdom of the Crystal Skull?

The sadness of watching the end of an era

Other than honoring the legend of the past, Indiana Jones and the Quarter Destiny He has a joyful appearance to A funeral you don’t know. He tries so hard to keep the franchise alive, but in doing so he announces its demise. That doesn’t mean we’ll never see each other again Indiana Jones Beautiful, cinema always holds many surprises, but this will be different. That distinct scent of the archaeologist’s three adventures that guided the 1980s is now in the air and cannot be replicated. The past is past and will not return. Not like before, not as intense. We are asked to accept it at the end of this fifth chapter.

The film talks about this through its most controversial choice – time travel – which is like… Help letter sent by James Mangold and authors. Aside from the strangeness of that moment and the poor creative realization, what Indiana Jones says is extremely important to the way we understand the character. The entire dialogue should be read outside the context of the story. We’re talking about creators, intellectual property, and a studio that shouldn’t let the franchise wither.

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With this in mind, Indiana Jones admits to Helena that he no longer belongs to his (narrative) present. It can only exist in the distant past of the Battle of Syracuse and the wonders of antiquity. He can’t go back to 1969. In other words: Indiana Jones, this Indiana Jones, can’t live out the ’80s that made him great. In today’s cinema that era is often cited, but that spirit is distant and isolated in time.

Disney, or rather Helena, punches him and brings him back to the present. You never know. What did this intellectual property go into her head? What is he raving about? Do you want to live in the glory of memories and sit back and look at what really happened? This freedom is not given to those who still have strong emotional value to the audience. At least until that credit is exhausted. And here is the sadness. To free Indiana Jones from the past, you have to free Indiana Jones from the present.

An epic that needs its father

The second thing he tried to do Indiana Jones and the Quarter Destiny He would leave Steven Spielberg’s hands and walk alone. To do this, James Mangold was called in, whose passion for the material was undoubted. After six years of success Logan – WolverineAnd here he is still busy telling the story Sunset heroes. It’s impossible to shake the idea that he was chosen precisely because of the way he escorted an elderly Hugh Jackman to the door. coincidence, Logan It was a great success and farewell, but we’ve been saying that characters’ pensions are always voidable, so here we are, ready to see them again in Deadpool 3. “It’s the nostalgia economy, baby.”

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The idea of ​​the fifth chapter of Indiana Jones: repeating the farewell and bringing new life to the adventure genre. Two failed missions The reason for this nostalgia is always sought in every moment Which forces the entire structure of the film into an impressive surrender to the past. Instead of walking alone he has He brought Spielberg’s masterpieces back into his hands He built his best moments on those. The ending is heartbreaking, and the recurring gags and situations make you smile. After getting to know them, don’t you feel an aura of decadence coming? Like a well-packaged imitation, but never an original. Zombie imitates life through muscle memory.

Indiana Jones 5

Objective errors

Even having the wrong idea, and even being forced from above to make this film, Things could have been done better. Digital reinvention is stunning, but it remains visual to the point of loss of identity. New characters don’t bite. Phoebe Waller-Bridge He never found the right tone for his humor. She seems lost in a story that should also be hers, but never was.

Jürgen Fuller is thrown from a moving train Swivel in the face At very high speed. It survives, and that’s okay, it can happen in “live-action animation.” His body, his way of thinking, and his evil are all wrong because they show no (if not minimal) signs of what happened to him. Every explanation is unconvincing. His motives are ridiculous and illogical. Does the disgruntled Nazi want to eliminate Hitler before defeat and try to do better with the new leadership? Once again the film’s obsession with itself: even the villains struggle to find succession!

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Great ability of the top three Indiana Jones Making the fantastic elements somewhat bearable, or at any rate coherent, is almost entirely missing here. Spielberg kept everything under a threshold of one point Loss of identity. Mangold wants to do the same and instead is always a little higher. We do not believe in history and therefore do not believe in the possibility of something happening to characters, we almost always lack the ability to describe these events as important to names and faces that should have already solved many things about their existence. The shocks are forced Into their past, they forcefully introduce problems and push to action only because nostalgia calls, the past returns and demands to be called the present.

How sad Indiana Jones and the Quarter Destiny Where a happy ending never truly exists, because as long as it is needed, the elderly will never be able to rest or live happily. There will always be a problem that returns, a secret that must be faced. This applies to Indiana. This applies to franchises that have now given it everything, but the box office is still hoping for it (often in vain). Retirement is not a right in a nostalgia economy.

Indiana Jones and the Destiny Quadrant is available on Disney+

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