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You often work with drop box And above all, do you travel a lot and work remotely? If you are afraid that your internet connection will suddenly drop and you cannot continue with your work, then the function that Dropbox allows its users to work for may also come in handy. Offline online.

Having your files available offline, anytime and on any device, can be very helpful, especially if your internet connection is somewhat unsure.

No matter if you are using a smartphone, tablet or computer, you can easily make your files available even offline, and in this little guide I will only show you How to use offline mode on Dropbox.

How does Dropbox offline mode work

using Dropbox offline modeYou will be able to open, use and edit all a file On your account, without the need for an internet connection. If you have an account Dropbox ProfessionalAnd the Dropbox Business or Dropbox EnterpriseIn addition to individual files, you can also create files folders.

The one thing you need to be aware of is that if changes to files are made offline, they won’t sync across all the devices you use to sign in and work on Dropbox. The sync will only take place once the internet connection is re-established, when Dropbox will be able to update changes made on other devices as well.

Offline mode from the computer

for Make a file available offline on Dropbox working from the computerFirst, you must make sure that you have an application dedicated to opening files offline, such as a PDF viewer for PDF files.

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Once this is confirmed, open File ExplorerAs you see windowsor open a file discovererif you are using a file Mac. Locate the file you want to make available offline and right click on it. click Intelligent Sync and then Sweetened.

If there is already a check mark next to the local item, it means that the file in question is already available offline. So, in this case you will not have to do anything else.

After clicking on the local entry, you will have to wait a few seconds for the file to be updated. After that, a green check mark in the relevant file. This means that the file is now available offline and will be inside a file Dropbox folder Found in File Explorer, for Windows, or Finder, for Mac.

Offline mode of smartphone and tablet

If you use one to work on Dropbox smart phone or a plank, and you want Make a file available offline on DropboxFirst of all, what you have to do is open an app drop box. Locate the file you want to make available offline and tap the i . icon three points It is located next to the file name. At this point a menu will open. Scroll down to find the item Make it available offline. Activate the option and that’s it.

To make the file only available online again, all you have to do is deactivate the sound Make it available offlineIf you have Androidor press Delete it from the deviceIf you have Iphone or a IPAD.

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Find offline files on Dropbox

Once you make the files available offline on Dropbox, to find them and be able to work on them, all you have to do is open drop box and open a file Settings. So if you have a device Androidpress the icon three dashes top left then on the item Settings. On the other hand, if you have a file Iphone or a IPADClick onthe account located at the bottom right and access to Settings By clicking onCome on top left.

Finally, tap on the item Offline onlinefor Androidor in Offline file managementfor Iphone And the IPAD. From here you will have a list of all the offline files that you can work on even without WiFi, all marked with an icon green circle with white arrow Turn his face down.

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