June 3, 2023

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Xbox, Steam Deck-style portable console coming? Suggested by Jez Corden – Nerd4.life

X-Box work on one portable console all the way to steam surface? That’s what journalist Jez Corden suggests in a tweet exchange with his colleague, Tom Warren, with Nick Baker also peeping.

In recent days, rumors have been circulating around the PlayStation Portable, and the feeling is that the huge success of the Nintendo Switch as well as the excellent reception given to the aforementioned Steam Deck may be convinced. Sony And Microsoft To devote himself (which again, from the first time) to the sector handheld.

“I managed to turn it on Xbox Cloud I’m more convinced than ever that Microsoft should make the Xbox portable, wrote Tom Warren on Steam Deck, to which Jes Corden replied: “May your wish come true.”

At this point, well-known leaker Nick Baker also stepped in, who exclaimed, “Wouldn’t it be cool, eh jeez? How cool would it be if they did something like that?” , giving the impression that he also heard something without him. The ability to unbalance himself. to about.

Of course those are simple conclusions for now, but maybe who knows: With the Xbox and Bethesda game show now looming, any announcement for a portable Xbox can hit the mark.

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