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Between Polisportiva Romito and Calcio Spezia Popolare, the confrontation ended in a draw for Suleiman

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Draw so you don’t reveal too many cards and save precious energy in light of the playoffs. The calendar pits the two teams against each other on the final day of the tournament to win the pass to compete with Brugnato for second place in the standings. Thus, the confrontation between Polisportiva Romito and Calcio Spezia Popolari ended in a draw, 1 to 1. Naclerio scored a goal for the hosts and Scapatzoni responded. On the other hand, Brugnato had no difficulty in “Cristoni” beating San Lazzaro Lunense 5-0 with goals from Polani and Dal Pra and a flash from Baccelli. The formation managed by Mr. Lunghi finished one point behind Amegliese playing an excellent tournament. Bolanese B came back against Luni Calcio 3-2, and after Franceschini excelled, the hosts reversed the situation in the first half with Sylla and Sacchi. In the second half, Carta won with a free kick and a goal scored by young Samuel Serafini.

Final classification of the La Spezia Championship, Category 2: Amigillis, 42 points. Brugnato 42; Polisportiva Romito 31, Calcio Spezia Popolare 30; Ciparana 27; Mamas Young 23; Monday Football 20; soccer ship 17; Bolanese B16; San Lazaro Lunense 3.

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