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Appointment of two Muslim Ministers in Canada

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Canada is one of the most multicultural countries in the world, with its rulers, primarily Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, proving it with facts. In fact, it has enriched itself with two new ministers of Muslim faith, without rejecting the Canadian government.

On October 26, two Muslim ministers were appointed to the government team: Omar al-Qabra and Ahmed Hussein.

First, Omar Alcabra declared in his first call: “Our country has a bright future! I am proud to continue to serve Canadians as Minister of Transport. As the transport sector continues to thrive and innovate, our government will continue to work hard for you.

Second, Ahmed Hussein was appointed Minister of Housing, Diversity and Inclusion. In his initial statements, he stated that he would like to contribute to the construction of a foundation that is inclusive and diverse in Canada: “With a dedicated housing sector, we will make it easier for Canadians to find a place to call home. We will end chronic homelessness in the fight against hatred and racism.” , Strong and determined. We must do it together! “.

The singer of unity in Canada, who does not want to succumb to any fear of infection, or paralysis of the corona virus, said at the inauguration ceremony, especially to a fanatical man, Justin Trudeau, two: “Together, we will work tirelessly to create a better future for all Canadians.”


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