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5 industries likely to be affected by ChatGPT

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As one of the biggest news stories in early 2023, ChatGPT has immense potential. It is a powerful conversational AI technology that enables businesses to automate customer conversations.

Many companies already use virtual software to create a customer experience that requires no direct human interaction.

For example, digital casino companies use fully automated, algorithm-driven virtual table games such as poker and roulette, which you can find at sites like Comeon Canada for instance.

Following Microsoft’s massive investment, you can also use ChatGPT with their search engine Bing to initiate a conversation. It uses natural language processing (NLP) to understand customer requests and generate responses in a human-like way.

Some of the changes this technology will usher in will be phenomenal. It will change how we see the world and how it operates. Today, we will look at five of the most significant changes you can expect.

ChatGPT’s AI-powered chatbot can help businesses save time and money by providing automated conversations tailored to each customer’s needs. Although this type of primitive AI technology exists in customer service departments at the moment, ChatGPT raises the bar.


ChatGPT has the potential to transform the way that doctors communicate with patients and provide more specialized care. ChatGPT can generate natural language responses to patient inquiries, helping medical professionals provide accurate and timely information.

This frees up time for medical professionals to focus on more human-specific tasks that require finer detail. Additionally, ChatGPT can automate administrative tasks such as appointment scheduling and patient follow-up.

The software can scan all the data in introductory, intermediate and advanced medical literature and retain it. This means that AI will soon be able to recommend specific patient treatments with a primary focus on the quality of patient care.

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The finance industry is undergoing a rapid transformation with the introduction of ChatGPT. As a result, finance is one of the leading fields where cutting-edge technology is regularly implemented. Primarily, this is for security purposes due to the amount of wealth involved.

However, AI technology has the potential to revolutionize the way financial institutions interact with their customers, improve customer service and reduce operational costs.

It can be programmed to trade stocks automatically based on specific criteria and can help optimize customer service by using past conversations to make their experience more personal.

Again, it will allow professionals to focus on more human-specific tasks, as in the healthcare industry.

Copywriting, journalism and content creation

Many articles have highlighted that AI and software such as ChatGPT are coming for writer’s jobs. However, there is little cause for concern. Some of these tools can generate outlines and content, but ChatGPT doesn’t have an authentic human element.

Writing should tap into your creative spirit, allowing you to express yourself and channel energy inside of you that wants to communicate and connect with people on a deeper and more unique level.

AI doesn’t have that capability, and although companies like BuzzFeed embrace AI to produce quizzes and generic articles, it could be a slippery slope for original content design and writing.

Software coding

This technology has the potential to drastically reduce the amount of time spent on coding tasks and increase efficiency in the workplace. ChatGPT collects and stores all the knowledge it is presented with, and as coding and programming often make use of rigid formulas and codes, ChatGPT might be programmed to perform these tasks in the future.

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Again, this would free up time for human software coders to focus on the more intricate details of their role while allowing AI to perform the more menial tasks. Companies like Google are keeping a close eye on developments in this technology.

HR departments

HR professionals can use AI to automate standard parts of their job, including:

  • Scheduling interviews
  • Onboarding new hires
  • Employee record management

This technology will save resources for big corporations with large HR departments and streamline the work to become more efficient.

By making the most of ChatGPT’s innovative technology and AI capabilities, much like the other job roles we have already discussed, there can be a more significant focus on the nuances of the job. As a result, some believe that ChatGPT will make similar changes to industries that the internet affected in the early 2000s.

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