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CHL: Elvis Tampere also remains on full points

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In the second part of the third day, Elvis Tampere joined the pair of Loko Rauma and Ingolstadt at the top of the standings.

Lahti needed 19 minutes to solve Vitkovic’s case: one-two of Aatu Jämsen (in powerplay) and Ryan Lash between 9 and 10 minutes, followed by the trio of Elias Filin excelling at 18.36. In a more balanced second half, the Finns scored another goal over Lash. The Czechs changed course in the final 20 minutes but, despite pre-checking, were unable to find their way to the goal.
Lahti Pelicans – Vitkovic 4-0 (3-0; 1-0; 0-0)

Elvis Tampere must use all his energies to beat the enterprising Osilari Trinik: having reached the double advantage in the first 11 minutes at the hands of Ola Balvi and Peter Koditek in a man position, the Finns struggled with the return of the guests, scoring with Andrej Nestrasil with a double advantage and Richard Panik. Juuso Könönen put the hosts back in front in the 26th minute, and Trenik responded with an overtaking arrow in just over 4 minutes, courtesy of Marco Dano and Panik. Linci’s winning run came in the final half thanks to Les Lancaster who scored a brace.
Elvis Tampere – Ocellari Trenic 5-4 (2-0; 1-4; 2-0)

Everything is easy for the Växjö Lakers against the Aalborg Pirates: the Swedes dictated the pace of the game as they went 5-0 in 45.36 with goals from Joachim Blechfeld, Manuel Agren, Dylan McLaughlin, Philip Eriksson and Martin Lundberg. The Danes made the defeat less bitter by closing the gap with goals from Pierre-Olivier Morin and Tobias Ladhoff.
Vaccio Lakers – Aalborg Pirates 5-2 (2-0; 1-0; 2-2)

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Bienne took the lead in the 12th minute through Ramon Tanner, fooling himself into thinking he could beat Karlstad’s Löfbergs Arena; After Joel Kellmann’s equalizer, they had to raise the white flag in the third period, when Michael Lindqvist, the second personal goal of Kellmann and Joachim Nygaard went into an empty net, to collect the three points.
Farestad Karlstad – Bayan 4-1 (0-1; 1-0; 3-0)

Monaco stay one step ahead in the standings by beating Kosice 5-2: A very one-sided game: After going 2-0 in the first half (Austin Ortega in Powerplay and Filip Varejka the scorers), the Germans gathered at the start and the Slovaks edged out, on goal. The first through Jens Olsson, in the second half the central break proved the three points with Patrick Hager and Nicholas Kremer. A back-and-forth between Olson and Jonathon Bloom determines the outcome.
Munich – Kosice 5-2 (2-0; 2-1; 1-1)

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