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Tourism Development, Gaza Calabria International: ‘Direct flights from Canada to Lamezia Airport in the spring’

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Lamezia Terme – “The expansion of Calabria today has become a definite imperative to move Calabrian associations abroad: at this historical juncture, more than ever, our first and second generation Italian descendants want to rediscover their roots”. Gaza Calabria International, partner of the Master on “Tourism of the Roots”, announces that it is working with many students: During this period, thanks to the collaboration, many Italians are coming to the Calabrian region to rediscover. Their roots, in a season when tourism in Calabria is completely non-existent, have been much-called by all in support of climate change, but it is only now really taking shape and stability.

“Calabrian”, head of Gaza Calabria International, led the closure of an important deal with Air Transat Toronto, direct flights from Canada to Lamezia Terme International Airport next spring. Gaza Calabria International has therefore defined a “Memorandum of Understanding with Calabria Aventura for the definition of Calabrian tours beginning in the same period”. Calabria’s promotion will take place in Ontario, at Italian and Calabrian clubs, as well as other Calabrian Doc Salvador Sposado, President of the Calabria Club of Melbourne and Honorary President of Gaza Calabria International. Our Calabrians abroad are once again demonstrating their commitment to the region and their willingness to promote and support it. We are proud of the Italian spirit and pride of being a Calabrian, ”concludes Enrico Masson, President of Casa Calabria International and Salvador Sposado, Honorary President of Gaza Calabria International.

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