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Uber Eats Offers Cannabis: A Breakthrough in Canada

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In Canada, recreational cannabis has been legal for three years and can now be purchased through Uber Eats as well.

Uber Eats From today it offers Cannabis For customers in the state of Ontario Canada. Cannabis is a rapidly expanding market worldwide, already liberalized for medical use in many states, and even for some recreational purposes: one of which is Canada, for three years. Uber Eats cannabis seller Tokyo has uploaded Smoke on the App Store. Uber has long had its vision in the emerging weed market: CEO Tara Kozroshahi told the media in April that the company will consider when cannabis becomes legal in the United States.

More than three years since it was legalized Entertainment Cannabis In Canada, illegal manufacturers still control a large portion of total annual sales. The partnership will help Canadians buy safe and legal cannabis, and will help combat the underground market of more than 40% of non-medical cannabis sales nationwide, Uber said.


The Sale The total value of cannabis in Canada is expected to reach $ 4 billion by 2021 and $ 6.7 billion by 2026, according to data from industry research firm BDS Analytics. “We will continue to closely monitor regulations and market-wise opportunities. As local and federal laws develop, we will explore opportunities with businesses operating in other regions, ”an Uber spokesman told Reuters.

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