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Legnano football, Caravaggio’s mathematical certainty win in the playoffs

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The penultimate day of the tournament in the second group of the Football League Second Division Legnanowhich – which Sunday May 8 going to visit Caravaggio to unite 2nd place And Officially enter the qualifiers. Lilac is currently in the second step of the podium with 62 points, one point ahead of Brusaporto and thanks to 4 points over Virtus Ceserano Bergamo and Casatesi sixth, the teams will be separated permanently in case of success. Caravaggio, who instead sails through the dangerous waters of the play area with 33 points in 18th place.

Coming in second place means a lot to the young Sgrò, who In qualifying, they can count on two out of three results because of their arrangement. The fifth-placed team will be Lille’s opponent in the playoffs for the time being Desenzano Calvina, but uncertainty prevails due to the very few points separating the teams from second to seventh place (only 4). An added advantage is that these crucial games can be played at home, but The Giovanni Marie Stadium will be dedicated to the Palio di Legnano, so the Lilacs won’t be able to count on their fortress, from which no visiting team has emerged victorious in 2022 yet. In the case of qualifiers and second place, in fact, We’ll play with Peru.

However, Legnano will have to try to reverse it away, which is actually the exact opposite of home. In fact, the Sgrò team has just returned from Two consecutive losses Against Sporting Franciacorta and Lyon, receiving 5 goals and not scoring anything. merely A goal in his last 4 away matchesThe Quaggio alla Castellanzi bomber. The last foreign victory was two months ago nowon March 9 in Villa Valle with a score of 2-1 (goals by Ravasi and De Lernia).

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It certainly won’t be easy for Caravaggio’s away game, an area where the hosts only beat Prosaporto in their last home game. children Maurizio Terletti They are desperate for points to be able to play their chances of redemption in play, so they will enter the field with a knife between their teeth determined to bring the score home.

Kick-off on Sunday May 8 at 3pm at Caravaggio Municipal Stadium.

Group B Series D – Thirty-seventh Day

Sunday May 8 (3pm): Sauna Brusaporto; Folgor Karatesa – Sanguliano City; Arconatese-Castellanzese. Caravaggio Linano; Leon Casazzese Virtus Cicerano Bergamo Desenzano Calvina; Real Calepina-Crema. Sporting Franciacorta Breno; Vis Nova Giusano Ponte San Pietro; Villa Valley Olginace.

Ranking: Sangiuliano City 76; 62- Najwa; Brusaporto 61; Fulgur Karatis 60; Desenzano Calvina 59; kasatize 58; Virtus Cicerano Bergamo 58; arconatis 56; brino 55; Sporting Franciacorta 51; Castellanzese 45; cream 45; Ponte San Pietro 44; Real Kalipina 41; Sauna 41, Villa Valley 36; Leon 33; Caravaggio 33; Vis Nova Giusano 32 ; Olginate 29.

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