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Embedded Hockey: The Serie A match against Milan has been postponed in favor of the Snakes. In the field of U/14 and Serie C.

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I was Delayed challenge fit for Master’s Tour From league in between Asiago Fibers and the MilanDue to the damage reported to the structure hosting Milan matches after strong winds last week”, as reported by Plato.

So eyes on del Viperette’under 14 Who will face a mini “Strength Tour” to face two opponents on Sunday, along with teams Series Cworking on the eighth day of group B.

under 14

Asiago Vipers Under 14 years away from Montorio

Asiago snakes will be busy Sunday morningat 11:00 amin the first leg match against i Montorio Bodogwas actually defeated in the only match played so far by Viperette, while he was in 2.30 pm will challenge Padova against the ghosts To heal on the second day.

Inline Hockey Under 14 Rankings for Day 1
league table

Series C

Asiago Black Out Citadel Eduardo Rigoni

Late afternoon Sunday Asian teams participating in Italian Championship Siri C, with salamandercurrently at the top of the table in group B, away at 17:30 to VicenzaAnd the black out On the main track in 18:00 against the Fort.

The inline hockey ranking has been updated on the seventh day of the Italian League

Credit: Photo by Vanessa Zinobini

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