Home science “Women in Science”: The University of Perugia celebrates the “International Day of Women and Girls in Science” and awards the “Ursula Grauman Prize”

“Women in Science”: The University of Perugia celebrates the “International Day of Women and Girls in Science” and awards the “Ursula Grauman Prize”

“Women in Science”: The University of Perugia celebrates the “International Day of Women and Girls in Science” and awards the “Ursula Grauman Prize”

Ursula Grohmann Award CommitteeUniversity President Oliviero: “A world witness to excellence and dedication”

(UNWEB) Perugia. “This day, created in the same spirit as the United Nations General Assembly, in 2015, decided ‘International Day of Women and Girls in Science’, its main objective is to promote and encourage the full and equal participation of women in science and important decision-making processes related to relevance, in both educational and professional fields.”

This was confirmed by the Dean of the University, Professor Dr. Maurizio Oliviero“, opening, in Aula Magna,”Women in science“, the event celebrated by the University of Perugia B”International Day of Women and Girls in Scienceto invite high school students to delve deeply into a topic The role of women in science Encouraging female students, in particular, to become fully themselves and follow their passions, also thanks to the study of scientific subjects, the so-called STEM – Science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

This year also, this day was dedicated to the memory of Professor Dr Ursula GrummanProfessor of Pharmacology at the Department of Medicine and Surgery, Director of the University Center for Electron Microscopy at the University of Perugia and a world-renowned researcher in the field of oncology and autoimmune diseases.

Professor Ursula Graumann, a role model for young people

“The undeniable gender disparity that is highlighted in the choice of degree courses, in fact – added the great Rector Maurizio Oliviero – begins in basic education and is severely punished, and it is important to emphasize, not only the female gender but the entire system.” We are all therefore corrective action must start from the active encouragement of girls from the early educational stages, transforming and reshaping the cultural perception that limits their academic options – Professor Oliviero added – At the university level, even in our university we have been able, thanks to initiatives such as gender balance, to Discovering the shortage of regular teachers, highlighting the urgent need for concrete changes and initiatives, also at the national level.Today, it is organized with the valuable support of our Only Guarantee Commission and Equal Opportunities is an example of this.

However, promoting gender equality within the university represents only a first step, which must be followed by a rethinking of the entire cultural pillar. In this regard – concluded the Rector – in our opinion, the key element is to provide female role models capable of inspiring young girls to achieve increasingly ambitious goals, and the examples of scientists and academics such as Professor Ursula Graumann, after whom the award we will present today are named, are a testament to excellence and dedication, “Hopefully, it will form a building block in building a more equitable and inclusive world.”

Then the professor entered with his greetings. Daniele BarbonoVice President of the University for Human Resources, Prof. Dr Silvia FornariChairman of the University Individual Guarantee Committee (CUG) and professors Mirella Damiani And Maria Giovanna Ranalli, responsible for the STEM activities of CUG. The Director General of UniPg, Dr. Anna Fevolo, was also present at the event.

Testimonies of Professors Capone and Nozza

They participated in this event and shared their experiences. Caterina Caponethe follower Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering FollowerUniversity of Perugia And in contact, Deborah NozaFrom the department Computer Science FollowerIl Bocconi University in Milan.

Professor Capone has been involved in numerous research projects and agreements stipulated with the main management bodies of the water service in Italy by the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering of the University of Perugia, where she carries out her activity aimed mainly at the study of transients in pipelines under pressure and techniques for identifying leaks in aqueducts.

However, Professor Noza's research is mainly related to the topic Natural language processing Detecting and combating hate speech – the so-called Hate speech – Mitigating algorithm bias and social media analytics. His work is fundamental to understanding how technologies can be used equitably and inclusively in society and digital communications.

School awards

At the end of the afternoon, a school awards ceremony was held, preceded by an awards ceremony He showed a video clip in which Professor Ursula Grauman recalled and her husband's speech Italo Carmignani.

Professors Maria Giovanna Ranalli And Mirella Damiani From the University of Perugia, in cooperation with a jury composed of professors. Andrea Capotorti, David Grauman, Giada Mondanelli, Anna Laura Picello The winning schools of the third edition of the “Ursula Grohmann Prize” were announced and awarded.

Category A: A scientist who discovers and tells

First prize -Video about Mona Minkara Batch 2SA3 of the Institute of Higher Scientific and Technical Education “Majorana-Mittani” in Orvieto, awarded by Professor David Grohmann.

Second Prize –Videos about Irene Julio Curie From the 2T5 class of the Casata Gatabone Institute of Higher Education in Gubbio, awarded by Professor Giada Mondanelli.

Also, one Mentionsed Video special: Fabiola Gianotti, physicist and director of CERN in Geneva For class 2O of the Galeazzo Alessi State Scientific Secondary School in Perugia, delivered by Professor Mirella Damiani.

Category B: Science is beautiful when you look at it deeply

Equivalence to the top three places:

First prizeClaudia Goldin and the gender gap From class 2A-LI of the Classical High School “Federico Frezzi – Beata Angela” in Foligno – awarded by Professor Mirella Damiani.

First prizeGlobal Positioning System: Discover satellite navigation Category 1B of the Institute of Technical, Economic and Professional Services “Casagrande-Cesi” in Terni – awarded by Professor Andrea Capotorti.

First prizeHypatia (ΥπYesHypatia: A journey through history and architecture From class 3A of the “Federico Frezzi – Beata Angela” Classical Secondary School in Foligno – awarded by Professor Anna Laura Picello.


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