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PlayStation exclusive on PC, game release date from another GeForce Now leak –

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new Leaking from Nvidia GeForce Now, or perhaps as before but with some additions and changes, is once again bringing back a long list of games coming to PC under Nvidia’s cloud gaming service, among them several PlayStation Exclusive on PC NS release dates Possible for many games also expected by Xbox Game Studios.

It is, in essence, the second part of the same leak that came out some time ago that reported God of War on PC and several PS4 and PS5 exclusives coming to PC. Nvidia itself later declared the menu “virtual” but soon after God of War It was already confirmed on PC by Sony, which indicates that at least there were likely different titles.

In this case too, the menu contains many distinctly fictional elements, but at this point it is difficult to rule out a priori that it was entirely invented, as far as the most likely games are concerned. For example, at least some Xbox Game Studios release dates and Square Enix games can indicate expected periods, although they cannot be considered official.

Likewise, the presence of several Sony PlayStation exclusives on PC at this point can be considered realistic. So let’s see what titles are on the Nvidia GeForce NOW list coming to PC and the alleged release dates according to this leak.

Play Station

  • Western Forbidden Horizon: 09-30-2022
  • Return: 2022-04-30
  • Ghost of Tsushima: 02-08-2022
  • Sackboy: Big Adventure: 05-01-2022

Many of these dates are highly questionable, not to mention funny, so consider them all just a rumor. At the end of the exhibition, the most realistic information may be that about the versions of PlayStation games on PC.

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