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Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G with Android 12 is full of problems

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Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G It is undoubtedly one of the best mid-range Android smartphones of 2021 and it is still usable today, but unfortunately it seems thatUpdate to Android 12 with One UI 4.0 It causes more problems than anything else because of many bugs.

In fact, according to various indications and testimonials from those who have updated the smartphone to the new version of Android, there are many problems with slow and jerky animations, dim camera performance, various problems with the automatic screen brightness sensor, low battery and also problems with the proximity sensor.

Android 12 for Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G is full of errors & other problems

One user posted a post on the company’s official forum describing his experience with Android 12 as follows:

There are many errors in One UI 4, such as when you open the app drawer and it disappears when the background and side panel are blurred. Also, the animation is very slow and his writing changes a lot from one to the other. As brightness increases and decreases relentlessly. When I look for refresh rate in settings, nothing is displayed. The charging animation is very slow and runs at 30fps instead of 120fps when the charger is connected to the screen off

Around the various posts, you can read several reports that follow the issues described above, including those who note that the battery tends to drain faster than usual even when the display refresh rate is set to 60Hz. Some issues are now clear: the device has skipped patches Security for February and still ratcheting up with those for January 2022; Given the amount of bugs currently in One UI 4.0 version, our advice is to avoid updating your phone if you haven’t already.

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