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Midterm All-out Showdown Election – North America

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Joe Biden and Donald Trump launched their last appeals to voters, hours before the polls opened for the US midterm elections, with tones and accents expressing Radical polarization of the American political scenario. “It’s time for you to stand up for democracy,” Biden said in Maryland at his last pre-election rally. “We know deeply that our democracy exists
Danger – he added – but we will be on time. Strength in America is where it has always been: in your hands, the hands of the people, “according to the US president, the Trumpian wing of Republican art” concentrates some of the darkest forces we have ever seen.
in our history.” These Republican Maga (short for the Trumpian slogan Make America Great Again, ed.) are made out of another dough, this isn’t our parents’ Republican Party, it’s something different.”

Trump, for his part, returned at a rally in Ohio to point out – but always indirectly – his candidacy for the new presidency, and the dangers of alleged electoral fraud. “I’m going to make a huge announcement on November 15th at Mar-a-Lago”, the billionaire promised, thus avoiding the expectation of announcing his re-nomination. Addressing the crowd for nearly two hours, Trump once again showed a poll slip of possible Republican White House candidates giving him 71% to 10% of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, followed by.
From former Vice President Mike Pence to 7% and the “black monster” Liz Cheney to 4%, which he said he doesn’t believe.

Moreover, some Republicans close to the billionaire are starting to take off The warning that the midterm results must arrive at night and that if they are delayed it will be very suspicious.. This is the case of Rudy Giuliani, a former billionaire attorney, and Christina Pope, one of the current attorneys for the former US president. “We need an ice victory, so that Democrats don’t steal or rig the elections,” Trump warned, expressing hope that the outcome of midterm consultations would arrive soon, and described the early voting as “disturbing.” The businessman anticipates a “Republican red wave” in Congress and seizes the opportunity to attack the current Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, whom he called an “animal.” “Summon me twice for nothing”, He added as if he was justifying himself.

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Meanwhile, more than 40 million Americans have already cast their ballots beforehand, breaking the record for 2018. US Election ProjectTraditionally, “early voting” prefers dime.

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