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35 rewards you can (possibly) apply for today

35 rewards you can (possibly) apply for today

Someone selected ItalyRewardThere are actually 35 as of today. The last one, in order of time, is the reduction in the costs of the psychologist. These are the bonuses implemented by the government and institutions that can be requested in 2022, determined and explained by the Directorate General of Enasc-Unsic Care here in detail ( In alphabetical order not in order of importance), from start to finish.

Youth Rent Bonus – For young adults between 20 and 31 years old (to be completed) who are going to live on their own, with an apartment (or part of it) for rent as their main residence, different from that of their parents. The subsidy is 20% of the annual expenses incurred up to €2000. In addition to age, you must have economic requirements.

PET BONUS – 19% off medical treatment. The limit is 550 euros, but there is a discount of 129.11 euros. Credit can be used to reduce taxes to be paid.

Elevator Bonus – 75% off the costs of removing architectural barriers in homes by using lifts, hoists, or eliminating existing systems. The balance can be used in 5 installments with tax reduction.

Youth Employment Bonus – Until June 30, 2022, this was the incentive for employers who hired young people up to 36 years old, for a period of 3 years for a permanent contract with workers under 36 years old.

AUTO BONUS – Environmental incentives to buy electric or hybrid cars, get rid of a more polluting car. Up to €5,000 for electric cars with emissions between 0-20g/km (3000 for purchase + 2000 for potential scrapping); Up to €4,000 for the purchase of plug-in hybrid cars, in the category 61-135g/km of CO2 (2000 for purchase + 2000 for scrap).

BONUS BANCOMAT – facilities for professionals and traders, up to 480 euros. A tax credit for the purchase, lease, and use of these centers must be submitted by June 30, 2022.

Petroleum Bonus – Reduction of the fuel tax fee, equivalent to 25 cents per liter (plus 5 cents of VAT) and introduction of fuel vouchers up to €200 tax-free (vouchers that companies can distribute to employees who travel for work).

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BOILER BONUS – a discount for the replacement of the home heating system. Discounts: 110% if the boiler is replaced at the same time as the leading restructuring intervention; 65% by changing the system with one class A or higher efficiency; 50% Class A boiler without valves.

Bonus Air Conditioners – For those who buy (or replace) a new air conditioner with a heat pump, get energy-efficient home: 50% or 65% off the cost. Credit can be used to reduce taxes to be paid. Alternatively, you can take advantage of the discount on the invoice.

CULTURE BONUS – 500 euros for students aged 18 (born in 2003) by registering on the 18App platform, for those who meet the required requirements. It’s my name and can be used in participating stores and on Amazon.

Teacher bonus – from September 2022 a bonus of €500 in the teacher card for the purchase of books, magazines, courses, tickets for theater and cinema, museums, cultural events, etc.

Bonus for non-working women – contribution exemption of up to 6000 euros for employers who have employed women without work for at least 12 months. Maturity ranges from 12 (for fixed-term contracts) to 18 months (indefinitely).

BONUS 200 EURO – Once introduced by the Aid Decree 2022 to counteract the rising cost of living. It is up to retirees, employees and self-employed people. Reward for help at home and caregivers is offered, even to unemployed citizens who receive citizenship income. They are entitled to it if their income is less than 35,000 euros in 2021. Assistance in July 2022 with paychecks for private employees (download the self-certification form). Self-certification is not required for public sector employees and retirees.

Additional Appliances – To purchase refrigerators, freezers, ovens and more to furnish a home undergoing renovation. 50% discount up to 10,000 euros

Additional facades – for redevelopment of houses. The 2022 Budget Law renewed the stimulus, but at a lower rate: it is now 60% of works costs (it was 90% in 2021).

Bonus for Children and Family – Families with children up to the age of 21 can request one INPS allowance. The amount depends on the family Isee: 175 euros per child per month to see up to 15,000 euros; from 175 to 51 euros for Isee from 15001 to 40,000 euros;
50 euros per month, more than 40,000 euros. Additional fees based on the number of children and working conditions of the parents.

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Water premium – up to €1,000 for bathroom renovations, in particular to replace sanitary ware and taps, as long as it involves reducing the flow of water used. The app, in 2022, is on the Sogei platform.

BONUS INFISSI – 50% tax deduction, up to a maximum of €60,000. Facility can be used to reduce taxes to be paid or to discount the bill by the company making the intervention.

INTERNET BONUS – Coupon for the digitization of companies and VAT numbers. Up to 2,500 euros for those who subscribe to the fast internet. It can be ordered until December 15, 2022 from authorized operators.

Wedding bonus – for companies that organize weddings and have suffered losses.

Furniture Bonus – 50% personal income tax deduction for the purchase of furniture for homes subject to renovation. The maximum spending has been reduced from 16,000 to 10,000 euros.

Nursery Bonus – Allows low-income families to cover part of their tuition fee payment. The incentive is not part of the new individual allowance for children.

Licensing bonus – a contribution of 50% (up to 1,000 euros) on the costs of obtaining a driver’s license. for young people up to 35 years old;
Those with citizenship or unemployment income.
Recognized until June 30, 2022.

First home bonus under the age of 36 – for young people who purchased a “first home” by June 30, 2022: Cadastre tax exemption; Recognize a tax deduction in an amount equal to the value added tax paid (where applicable)

Remuneration for a psychologist – up to 600 euros for a psychologist for the treatment of inconveniences, certified by the doctor, resulting from the consequences of the epidemic. It’s up to any age limits, if you see up to 50,000 euros. The amount increases as the income decreases. From July 25, submissions can be made on the INPS website (or through the call center).

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Renewal Bonus – Deductions for interventions that are not part of the Premium Bonus. The percentage is usually 75%, but it depends on the type of job.

Electric scooter bonus – 40% contribution up to €4000 with scrap (30%, up to €3000, without it). It must be requested by the agent at ecobonus.mise.gov.it and it is up to the buyer as a discount on the purchase price.

Social Bonus – For families with a low I See, there is a discount applied directly to the electric and gas bill. It is received automatically, but only for families that have been updated. The reduction is also applied to cores with someone who has serious health conditions and needs medical equipment or from citizenship income.

Southern Bonus – Until June 30, 2022, this was a 30% waiver of contributions for permanent Southern recruitment.

Additional awnings – 50% discount up to €60,000 on the purchase price and the installation of indoor or outdoor sun shading. It also applies to bed nets.

Public Transport Bonus – Up to €60 for students and workers traveling using public transport. We need an income of less than 35,000 euros in 2021.

BONUS TV – Buy digital televisions or receivers. The discount is applied by the supplier on the purchase price.

Green bonus – equivalent to 36% of the costs of arranging green spaces for the house. A bonus that can be used until 2024. The spending limit is €5,000 for interventions on terraces, gardens, balconies, flower boxes, fences and more.

SISMABONUS – for the purchase of real estate in earthquake risk areas, for adaptation work. It gives you the right to get 110% Superbonus. Requirements: The property purchase deed must be signed by June 30, 2022; The expenditure ceiling for interventions is 96,000 euros.

SUPERBONUS 110 – Extended for the whole of 2022, for every type of home. There are no I See limits for single family homes business. For condominiums, the sprawl is up to 2023.

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