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The war in Ukraine, direct – “Azovstal fire”, new attacks after the evacuation. Rockets over Odessa: dead and wounded..Shelling a church

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The Pentagon: Putin did not show any intention to end the war

“No one knows how long” the war will be: “It could end today” but “there are chances that it will go on for some time. We don’t know.” put it in He did not show “a willingness to end the war now. This was stated by a Pentagon spokesperson.” John Kirby.

USA: Moscow also wants to annex Kherson

Moscow is also considering holding a referendum to annex a third region in eastern Ukraine, a region Kherson: The ambassador said in a briefing to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Michael CarpenterRepresentative of the United States to the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe.

The Orthodox Church was hit in the attack on Odessa

One afternoon Russian missile attack on Odessa hit Ortodox Church. boy 15 years (not 13, as reported by rescuers) were killed and another teenage girl was seriously injured. The Secretary of the National Security Council said that, Oleksiy DanilovQuoted from the agency Interfax Ukraine. Danilov added that the ceiling of the church collapsed. According to other sources, the church is located near a military building.

Kuleba: Thanks to Germany for opening an oil embargo

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitro Koleba Thanks Germany for declaring its position in favor of the European embargo on Russian oil. “I spoke to my German counterpart, Annalena Barbock, and thanked her,” Koleba wrote on Twitter. “I also stressed that recognition of the Kyiv candidate’s status in the European Union is in the interests of Ukraine, Germany and Europe,” he adds.

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Schulz: “I’m not going to Kyiv, they can’t refuse Steinmeier”

German Chancellor Olaf Schulz said They have no plans A trip to Ukraine due to the recent refusal of the Kyiv government to visit the German President Frank Walter Steinmeier. “This fact got in the way,” Schulz told German television. Zdf. “As Democrats, we can’t question this: you can’t do that,” Schultz said effectively, effectively addressing the Ukrainian government. Schulz emphasized that one cannot say “the president cannot come” to a country, Germany, which provides “a lot of military assistance, great financial assistance, and is essential when it comes to security guarantees that are important to Ukraine’s future.” .

Schulz: “At the G-20 summit with Putin? We will decide when the time comes”

“We will decide When the time comesIt would not be wise to do otherwise.” So the German chancellor Olaf Schulz Avoid giving a direct answer when, during an interview with German public television ZdfHe was asked if he would be willing to sit down with Vladimir Putin at the G20 summit to be held next November in Indonesia. The Indonesian presidency announced last week that it had invited the Russian president and had received his willingness to participate.

Kyiv government: “320 prisoners returned to Ukraine through nine exchanges”

behind 320 Ukrainian citizens So far returned to the country through Nine exchanges of prisoners and hostages. The Ukrainian Ministry for the Reintegration of the Temporarily Occupied Territories reported via its Telegram channel: “On the order of the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky, nine prisoners and hostages were exchanged. As a result, more than 320 citizens have already returned home, among them 59 civilians. Among the released are many women, Among them is a pregnant woman. Ukraine’s Deputy Prime Minister, Irina Vereshuk, said that the Ukrainian government does not abandon any imprisoned person and is doing “everything possible and impossible” to release him. In total, more than a thousand Ukrainian civilians have been detained, including more than Five hundred women, in Russia.

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United States: “Expulsion of the Russians from areas near Kharkiv”

The Ukrainian army announced that they had recaptured some villages near Kharkiv. Reports CNNNoting that this may make it difficult for the Russians to bombard the city with missiles and artillery shells. Pentagon sources confirmed this news, as they reported that, during the past 24-48 hours, the Ukrainians rejected the Russians. forty kilometers To the east of Kharkiv. Today the Ukrainians announced that they had recaptured the villages of Ruska Lozova and Verknia Rohanka, respectively north and east of the city: but in the past two weeks they had already recaptured half a dozen villages in the area, approaching the Russian supply lines from the border. towards Izium.

German Foreign Minister: “I will go to Kyiv”

German Foreign Minister, Annala BarbukAnd two deputies from the opposition announced the next Visits to Kyiv Solidarity with Ukraine. But there was no word on the possible trips of German government leaders. The republic’s president, Frank-Walter Steinmeier, never made it public after the Ukrainian government rejected his proposed visit, saying he favored the arrival of Chancellor Olaf Scholz. At the moment, no member of the German government has gone to Kyiv, while the controversy over Germany’s reluctance to supply heavy weapons has not subsided. “Yes, I will go,” Barbock said to the announcer yesterday Land, without specifying a date. Barbock explained that he planned the trip after it was revealed that civilians were killed in Boscha, but that at the time he had intended to wait for Steinmeier to go.

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Missiles at civilian targets in Odessa, “dead and wounded”

a Russian missile thrown against “”InfrastructureIn Odessa, the head of the military administration of the Ukrainian district denounced, Maxim MarchenkoNoting that the attack resulted in deaths and injuries. The Southern Military Command said the destruction of a religious building, an Orthodox church near the airport, was reported. According to Oleksiy Honcharenko, a deputy from the Odessa region, among the dead were a 13-year-old boy and an 18-year-old girl.

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