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Kinder with salmonella, clouds mountains in Italy, products to be thrown in the trash

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The warning about Kinder products initially appeared to be a negligible reality and was limited to some foreign countries, but it is actually spreading gradually.

Obviously, consumers too worry Because salmonella is no small threat and above all because Kinder products tend to keep children.

But Kinder is a company that is not only Italian, but sells all over Europe, and therefore it is now necessary to understand it What products should be avoided here In Italy.

What products are accused in Italy

Practically every European country is now wondering which Kinder kits should be discarded or in any case not consumed. Let’s see what we know so far.

Confirmed cases of salmonella infection reached 105. In addition to these 105 cases already identified, another 29 cases are under clarification. All of these issues matter A little bit of all of Europe However, it is important to note that none of these were involved in Italy. Anyway, the authorities of our country are still looking into the matter To pick up some Kinder products: some are worrisome and some are a precautionary measure. Certainly it may be a good idea for consumers to avoid any Kinder product bearing the fact that it was produced on the label in Arlon, Belgium.

Check out the poster: Arlon

In fact, the Kinder factory from which almost all products containing salmonella are produced is the Arlon factory in Belgium. With regard to Italy, the products mentioned and therefore to be collected belong to the following types. Kinder Surprise Maxi Smurfs and Miraculous, Kinder Surprise T6 “Pulcini” and Kinder Schoko Bons. In some cases it is all products, in others it is only a few, and therefore it will be in the supermarket to understand which products will be withdrawn from sale.

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How do you act in the supermarket

In this period of strong food alarm due to The possibility of rationing Because of the war in Ukraine, this thousand warning and this myriad difficulty from the point of view of food certainly did not want us. but sure You better be informed To avoid big problems. But in this period, strange conspiracy theories are circulating around the Internet related to the fact that there are a lot of food recalls. This, while dangerous, is entirely coincidental, and these withdrawals have absolutely nothing to do with the war in Ukraine or anything like that.

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